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15 Products Receive First NAB AIM Awards

Attendees at the NAB2003 exhibition in Las Vegas voted for the first NAB Awards for Innovation in Media (AIMs), given to 15 products for technological innovations that best address current and upcoming issues in the electronic media industry. The top five products within each category were handed out during NAB's Technology Luncheon on April 9, 2003. Key industry editors are reviewing these selections to select an overall winner in each category for 2003 "Editors' Choice" awards be announced on April 17, 2003.

Winners in the Content Creation category were Globalstor Data Corporation's DVD TransPro, Laird Telemedia's capdiv, Reflecmedia's Chromaflex, Rockwell Scientific Company's ProCamHD 3530 and Ross Video's Squeeze & Tease Warp.

Also receiving AIMs in the Content Management category were Adtec Digital, Inc.'s Edje-L, Asaca/Shibasoku Corporation's Firefly, Amalgamated Video International Focus Enhancements' The Producer, Leitch Inc.'s CCS Navigator and Reality Networks, Inc.'s Managed Content Services.

Winners in the Content Delivery category were FastChannel Network, Inc.'s Traffic Channel Video, Frontline Communications' ENG High Top, Sierra Automated Systems' (SAS) Rubicon, Triveni Digital's Skyscraper and Xiran's Direct Path (STM-1000). Information about NAB can be found at