Mark Dindal's Place in the Sun
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Mark Dindal with producer Randy Fullmer. Photo courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

JS: What's next?

MD: We've already started to explore the next project Randy and I would like to work on. We want to get back into the production rotation as soon as we can. I don't want to wait too long, because for one thing I want to be busy. Also, the more you go through the process of making these, the more you learn when you go from start to finish. So I don't want the finish of the next one to be too many years away.

JS: Isn't it usually a 5-year span from conception to release?

MD: We may be able to cut that by maybe a year, but it's still good to keep thinking and moving on, and not take too much time off sitting back and taking a break.

JS: Is your next project anything you can talk about right now?

MD: It's still too far in the future at the moment.

The Emperor with Kronk, voiced by Patrick Warburton, whose brawn is equally matched with the brains of Yzma, the Emperor's advisor, voiced by Eartha Kitt. © Walt Disney Pictures. All rights reserved.

JS: Any last words?

MD: The caliber of talent support at Disney is a big part of what made this so enjoyable for me. I was the sole director on this, instead of being part of a team. Even though it could have been overwhelming, I just can't say enough about the ability of the people here to make movies. And that made it so much fun. It never got to be something like, oh my gosh, I felt like I was drowning. It's really something to see what they can do. It's completely fascinating, really enjoyable.

JS: The way you describe it reminds me of the old Disneyland TV shows where Walt would take you behind the scenes to show animators doing sketches and working on the next film.

MD: It was really fun like that. I've been on things where it doesn't end up being that enjoyable, but that's the face you put on for the public. But this actually was. It could be that having experienced the other thing at Turner, I was just in a different place to be able to appreciate things, so it ended up being a fun production. People did a lot of terrific work on it. The only thing left now is for folks to go see it.

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