No Boundaries: An Interview With Eric Radomski
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Doomsday is hopefully soon to be underway. © Film Roman.

Mindless Bob was a short film that I directed for Level13. We had a relationship with Mark Mothersbaugh and he had an idea and basically told me what he wanted to do. I came up with a new technique that's a 2D, 3D, live-action combination. It's real strange, esoteric, weird, but we never had the opportunity to develop the character further into the sort of Marx Bros./Three Stooges personality we had planned. The set-up was that wherever Mindless Bob went, chaos followed. He literally caused the destruction of the Earth in the first piece by setting off a nuclear warhead through his ignorance.

AA: You've also been associated with Film Roman's Howard Stern project.

ER: We sold Doomsday about a year ago to UPN. The show is created by Tracy Torme and Howard is attached to it as an executive producer. I helped Tracy develop a bit of the animation style, and also helped put together about a 10-minute animatic that basically tells the story and introduces all the main characters. However, what we pitched was a 2-minute trailer that we cut movie fashion. UPN was never satisfied with the pilot script, and they pushed us in ten different directions about how they wanted the family treated. So we decided to take a break with it, and since then UPN went through some changes with the merger so who knows what's going to happen with them as a network. Either way, a new writer/producer was brought on recently to start the production up again. Tracy will still be an executive producer and Howard is still very much involved. We're hoping to get back under way writing the pilot script and developing it in the next month. There is a series that will be made.

AA: And what are some other projects you're currently developing at Film Roman?

3D animated science fiction spoof Trippin’ the Rift and Doug Lawrence’s Hair Balls are both in development. ™ and © Film Roman.

ER: We're working with Norman Lear to develop Till The Fat Lady Sings, which will be taken out this year to pitch as a series. It's about folks that live in a senior citizens home and it's quite funny. There's Trippin' The Rift, a 3D animated science fiction spoof currently in development as a series for cable. I didn't have much to do with that other than making sure the attitude and the content was appropriate for what we were doing. Doug Lawrence's Hairballs is being developed for the Internet, and possibly a cable series. This show was rescued out of the batches of optioned content that we had. It was originally part of another show that had this as an insert. A cartoon within a cartoon.

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