September 2000 Vol. 5, No. 6

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Editor's Notebook
A success and a failure?



A Conversation With The New Don Bluth
After Titan A.E.'s quick demise at the box office and the even quicker demise of Fox's state-of-the-art animation studio in Phoenix, Larry Lauria speaks with Don Bluth on his future and that of animation's.

Summer's Sleepers and Keepers
Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman analyzes the summer's animated releases and relays what we can all learn from their successes and failures.

Anime Theatrical Features
With the success of such features as Pokemon, are beleaguered U.S. majors going to look for more Japanese imports? Fred Patten explains the pros and cons by giving a glimpse inside the Japanese film scene.

Just the Right Amount of Cheese: The Secrets to Good Live-Action Adaptations of Cartoons
Gerard Raiti looks into why some cartoons make successful live-action features while others don't. Academy Award-winning producer Bruce Cohen helps out.

Indie Animated Features: Are They Possible?
Amid Amidi discovers the world of producing theatrical-length animation without major studio backing and ponders if the positives outweigh the negatives...


Pitching Perfect: A Word From Development
Everyone knows a great pitch starts with a great series concept, but in addition to that what do executives like to see? Five top executives from major networks give us an idea of what makes them sit up and take notice...

Drawing Attention -- How to Get Your Work Noticed
Janet Ginsburg reveals the subtle timing of when an agent is needed and when an agent might hinder getting that job.

Where The Recruiters Go
Part of the trick of getting hired is knowing where to be seen by the recruiters. We asked several studios about the resources they turn to first.


Getting Started in Your Home Town
Here at Animation World Network we frequently hear from folks who want to start in animation from their hometown. While we don't claim that animation exists in every corner of the globe, here are a few suggestions to seek out what is in your area.


Jewish Rabbits
Tsvika Oren speaks with three prominent Israeli animators and gives us an overview of Israel's current animated state.

Israel's Film Festivals
Tsvika Oren profiles Israel's surprisingly active festival scene, including the unique International Student Film Festival.


The Power Behind Atomic Cartoons
Bob Miller talks with Rob Davies, one of the founders of Vancouver's Atomic Cartoons, which from pre-production to Flash, is making a name for itself. The secret? Read on...


Making Money Online: Game Creators
Bringing targeted advertising into game playing in a realistic manner is Adaboy's goal. Jacquie Kubin reports on the benefits to game creators.


Straight from the Moose's Mouth
Karl Cohen reviews Keith Scott's new book that not only discusses everyone's favorite flying squirrel and moose, but also provides an accurate historical look at the early days of television animation.


Animation World News
Lucasfilm To Make Anime Flick, Eyvind Earle, Disney Artist & Painter Passes, Winder Winds Up VP At Fox Animation, Honkworm Moves To Vancouver With New Prexy, Zdenka Deitchova To Head Kratky Film, Stan Lee Teams With Venture Soft To Tackle Asia, Sony In The Red, PlayStation 2 & New Accounting Rules Are Factors and much more...

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