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Go Web Young (Wo)Man, Go Web



Your Move...
Jacquie Kubin looks at how and why packaged gaming companies are adding on-line elements to their business plans.

Alter-Net-ive Worlds
How would the world of animation be different if instead of being a new tool the Web was an old one? Get ready for some pretty wild "classics." Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman takes us theorizing...

The Aesthetics of Internet Animation
Think Web tools are restrictive creatively? Think again! Chris Lanier, creator of Wildbrain's Romanov, explains why, in the vein of comics, they are actually a source of freedom. Includes a QuickTime clip.

Is There Life Beyond Flash?
Flash is the leading tool for Internet animation, but there are a few other options for production and augmentation. Here industry leaders reveal their secrets from high tech 3D software to good, old-fashioned talent. Includes QuickTime clips!

Getting Started On-Line
So you want to get into this Internet game? Two of AtomStudios' animators, Kwesi Ako Kennedy and James Dalby, not only tell you how, but offer tips for success.


Vancouver's Mainframe Entertainment
Since their first 3D CGI television show, the groundbreaking Reboot, Mainframe Entertainment has been producing quality children's television. Don Perro goes for a tour and finds they are working on more than television now.

Writing for CGI: A Talk With Ian Boothby
Ian Boothby, co-writer of Casper's Haunted Christmas, gives us some insight on the pitfalls and joys of writing for CGI.


Working on a production that is taking place on three different continents? Need to see that footage today? Need more rendering horsepower to boot? Then you need to meet WAM!NET, a real production service solution. Stephanie Argy explains.

Recruiting at SIGGRAPH 2000
Juniko Moody speaks with the major studios' recruiters and relates what they had to say about their current hiring philosophies and needs.

Focus on SIGGRAPH: Eyetronics
This year's SIGGRAPH keynote address was given by scientist, inventor and visionary Ray Kurzweil, who discussed "The Human-Machine Merger: Why We Will Spend Most of Our Time in Virtual Reality in the 21st Century." Sound farfetched? Then take a look at Eyetronics' ShapeSnatcher demonstration.


Scandals, Smokescreens and a Golden Age?: Canadian Animation in the 21st Century
Recently Canada has been at the center of controversy and mixed reports of success, scandals and damage control. Chris Robinson offers us an updated look at the animation scene.


Beyond Vital: British Festivals In 2000
With the demise of Cardiff ancient history, the U.K.'s animation crowd is springing back to life with a number of lively new events. Andrew Osmond takes a closer look at this year's activity.

A Letter To A Master
Giannalberto Bendazzi writes Giorgio "Max" Massimino-Garniér, who was not only a personal source of inspiration and learning, but one of the greatest figures in Italian, as well as international animation in the last 50 years. Available in English and Italian.


Let's Sketch on Location: The Thumbnail Sketch
Just in time for summer trips, renowned drawing instructor Glenn Vilppu continues with his second installment discussing techniques for sketching on location.


Adventurous Action Abounds on
Pow! Take that. There's a new superhero powered player in town! Lee Dannacher finds that there is more behind Stan Lee Media than the man himself.


Ray Harryhausen, A Celebration
When Ray Harryhausen turned eighty Creative Planet was there for this star studded tribute to a true industry inspiration. Joe Fordham reports. Includes a QuickTime clip from Phil Tippet Studios.


Fresh From the Festivals
Maureen Furniss once again offers a wonderful selection of films, complete with excellent commentary: Oil and Vinegar, Brahm's Lullaby, Sheep in the Big City "Chapter 2: Sheep on the Lam," Hello, Dolly! and Atlas Gets a Drink. Includes five QuickTime peeks.


Animation World News
Cartoon d'Or's Five Finalists, Fox Animation Phoenix Burns Out, Dr. Katz Co-Creator Inks Icebox Deal, Aardman's Angry Kid Sets Net Record, Baby Blues Animates WB Friday Nights, Fox Kids Europe Invades More Turkish Homes, Voyager Producer Signs Deal To Create Next Trek Series and, of course, much, much more....

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