X-Men Come to Play
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X-Men Jet. Courtesy of Bender/Helper Impact. © Toy Biz.

* The X-Men's fantastic vehicles and movie action come to life with six different vehicles and play accessories including:

  • The Electronic X-Men X-Jet is an authentic replica of the one in the movie and provides control of the action with an automatic opening cockpit designed to fit a 6" figure, operable landing gear, a firing light-up glowing optic missile and retractable claw to pick up evil mutants. ($24.99 suggested retail.)
  • Wolverine's Infrared Motorcycle come with a permanently attached 8" Wolverine figure and joystick that makes the bike move and turn realistically while controlling working headlights, turn signals, brake lights and sound effects. ($19.99 suggested retail.)
  • Power Bashers feature Toy Biz Power Sense technology and feature Wolverine and Sabretooth in a battle complete with battle sounds and the voices of the actors from the movie. Wolverine will recognize when his claws are extended and make slashing sound effects, while Sabretooth recognizes when his fingers are opened and makes hand-swiping noises. ($24.99 suggested retail for the pair.)
  • The X-Men X-Cycle comes packaged with an exclusive 6" Wolverine figure. The cycle shoots projectiles when pushed. ($9.99 suggested retail.)
  • The Lady Liberty Playset allows children to re-enact the final battle between the X-Men and Magnet at the Statue of Liberty. The replica of Lady Liberty's head opens up to reveal a playset filled with action features. ($9.99 suggested retail.)
  • Magneto's Mutant Machine Playset features the Statue of Liberty's torch holding hand that spins to reveal a hidden figure. ($9.99 suggested retail.)
Magneto. Courtesy of Bender/Helper Impact. © Toy Biz.
Wolverine as Logan. Courtesy of Bender/Helper Impact. © Toy Biz.

All of the actors were able to approve their action figure sculpts, a first time thrill for most of them as Patrick Stewart has been sculpted for the Star Trek franchise and Ray Park for Phantom Menace.

"The actors were extremely excited, helpful and pleased with the final outcome of their figures," says McLaughlin. "My personal favorite though is Storm. Halle Berry is amazingly beautiful and from the pose of the body, to the face, to the hair, her action figure is amazing from appearance to function."

Fans can look forward to a third assortment of figures featuring scenes from the movie, like Sabretooth in a snow scene fight with Wolverine, this September.

Joseph Szadkowski writes on various aspects of popular culture and is a columnist forThe Washington Times.

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