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AWN was proud to co-host the cocktail party given by the festival in honor of the directors in official selection on Tuesday, June 6, 2000. We took the opportunity to tell the directors of an exciting new program available through Animation World. Our AWN Animator Affiliate Program is designed to provide valuable opportunities for our affiliate animators to promote their creations and obtain new business contacts. AWN is currently affiliated with a number of legendary animators in the international circuit, including Nag Ansorge, Frédéric Back, Walerian Borowczyk, Richard Condie, Sally Cruickshank, Raimund Krumme, Caroline Leaf, Phil Mulloy, Priit Pärn, Bill Plympton, Georges Schwizgebel and Raoul Servais.

There are many talented animators around the globe that unfortunately don't get the proper attention from within our community and the numerous important sectors closely related to our business. Our Animator Affiliate Program’s goal is to help bridge this gap and bring much deserved recognition to our industry’s stars. During the course of the festival, our first participants in the AWN Animator Affiliate Program signed up. Drum roll please….Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbes, directors of the amazing When The Day Breaks, which won Annecy 1999's Grand Prix and Cannes' Palm D'Or for Short Film.

Now, you can download the complete program application packet, which includes all the specifics you need to find out how you can participate. All you need is Adobe Acrobat to read and print out the materials. Want more details? Get your Official AWN Animator Affiliate Program application packet today.

Annecy’s Directors’ Cocktail Party Sponsored by AWN

Ron Diamond gives the opening address. Courtesy of Annecy. © Odile Jacquot/NBC. Heather Kenyon, Annick Teninge, Dan Sarto and Ron Diamond at the Director's Cocktail Party. Courtesy of Annecy. © Odile Jacquot/NBC.
The crowd listens to the AWN news. © AWN, Inc. The party was located in the lovely Imperial Palace. AWN, Inc.
Networking at the party. © AWN, Inc. Ron Diamond speaking with Uruguayan animator Walter Tournier and producer Diego Silva Pintos. AWN, Inc.


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