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Editor's Notebook
A live-action cover?

PBS strike, Rocky and Bullwinkle, internships and Mary Kay Bergman...


Super Mutants Everyone Can Relate To: The X-Men
Why are The X-Men so popular? Rick DeMott takes a look at the new feature film based on the phenomenally successful comic book series with two of the films executive producers Avi Arad, CEO of Marvel Studios, and Stan Lee, creator of the X-Men.

X-Men Come to Play
Have you seen the new X-Men toys? Joseph Szadkowski thinks you should as Toy Biz hits a homer.

Spawning A Super Hero
From comic book creator, to multi-millionaire, Todd McFarlane has always followed his own path with intelligence and daring. J. Paul Peszko meets the man behind Spawn.

The MYSTERY! of Edward Gorey
Derek Lamb spent many afternoons with the amazing Edward Gorey. Here he discusses the contradictions of an intensely talented man.

Working With Sparky
Bill Melendez looks back at working with Charles Schulz, or Sparky as his friends called him, and relays how they produced the classic Peanuts specials we all love.

Dale Messick: A Comic Strip Life
Brenda Starr is an American icon. Jackie Leger looks at the woman behind her and the long legacy of female comic strip artists, who are unfortunatly not quite as well known...

AWN's Comic Strip Showcase
Animation World's readers answered the call and sent in their comics. Rick DeMott showcases the best of the best!


Jiri Trnka -- Walt Disney Of The East!
Edgar Dutka takes a look at the career of Czechoslovakia's great master, Jiri Trnka. His puppet films are masterpieces of subtle rebellion and sophisticated themes.

Growing Pains
Why can't animation grow up? Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman has an interesting take on the problem and highlights some of the medium's hits and misses at reaching the big kids.


Keith Scott: Down Under's Voice Over Marvel
Stephen Lynch interviews Keith Scott, Australia's foremost voice actor, and hears all about his love of Jay Ward Cartoons and his exciting time on the set as the voice of Bullwinkle in Universal's upcoming Rocky and Bullwinkle.


Digital Production Comes of Age in the Comic World
Think those feature film software packages don't apply to comic book production? Think again. Joseph Szadkowski reveals the amazing meshing of production tools that is happening across many media.


A Rumpus On The Net
Lee Dannacher profiles one of the hottest new children's players on the Web and finds out that they are an even cooler company.


It Takes More Than Blood And Gore
The adult gamer isn't just looking for a shoot-em-up type game. They are looking for sophistication. Jacquie Kubin looks at three games that are offering just that.


Serge Bromberg: Up Close With Annecy's Artiste
Serge Bromberg helmed the Annecy International Animation Film Festival this year as its Artistic Director. Heather Kenyon sat down with him and asked him about his role at Annecy and passion for film preservation.

Fresh from the Festivals: July 2000's Film Reviews
This month when we say, 'Fresh' we mean it! Maureen Furniss picks five of the most interesting films straight from the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

Annecy's MIFA: It's Business Time
Marie Beardmore reports on the new faces, deals and technology present at Annecy's MIFA, the festival's business market.

The Annecy Story: 40 Years of Celebrating the Art of Animation
To celebrate its fortieth anniversary, Annick Teninge takes a look back at the storied history of the Annecy International Animated Film. In English and in French.

AWN's Annecy Photo Album
AWN went to Annecy in force this year. Here is a collection of photos of the people, places and events that makes Annecy the place to be each spring.

Hollywood's World Animation Celebration
Gregory Singer found WAC 2000 to be exhiliarating. Here's why...


Animation World News
Sony Acquires On-line Gaming Company Verant Interactive, ILM Enters 3D Animation Game, Pulse Gets $35M Jump Start, Microsoft Split Ordered By Judge, Cinar Waits For $10M As CFO Steps Down, Powerpuff Girls Flying To The Big Screen, Shoe Comic Strip Creator Passes, Plympton Mutates AtomFilms, John K Plays It Cool With Icebox, Lycos Launches Three Toon Net-works, Disney Staff Defects To Stan Lee Media, Harvey Launches Walter Miller's Homepage On TV, Slate of Nick Toons Coming to CBS, Clerks Has Been Fired and much more...

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