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  • Walt Disney Inducted Into Inventors Hall Of Fame
  • Old Man Wins Annecy
  • WAC’s World Animation Competition Winners
  • MTV Awards The Matrix
  • WAC's Internet Winners
  • Congress Bestows Gold Medal On Peanuts Creator
  • First Chuck Jones Award Presented To Edinboro Student


  • Microsoft Buys Bungie Software
  • Activision Restructures Into New Holding Company
  • Sony Acquires On-line Gaming Company Verant Interactive
  • Italy’s Mondo TV Goes Public
  • SteeleVFX Sets Up Santa Monica Headquarters
  • ILM Enters 3D Animation Game
  • Animation Stock Ticker For Wednesday, June 14, 2000
  • Cinar's Insurance Company Investigates
  • Spain’s Terra Injects Lycos With $17 Billion
  • Nintendo Sues SongBoy.Com
  • Roth´s Revolution $3 Billion Backers Revealed
  • Pulse Gets $35M Jump Start
  • Game Makers Sink Web Pirates
  • Viacom´s UPN Ultimatum: Profit or Ax
  • BKN Acquires Arles Animation
  • Microsoft Split Ordered By Judge
  • Cinar Sued Over Stock Options
  • Megamerger of AT&T & MediaOne Oked
  • Cinar Waits For $10M As CFO Steps Down
  • Black Logic Launches Broadband Branch
  • Vancouver Firm Enters Co-Production Deal With South African Sasani
  • Wild Brain Bursts With $20M In Financing
  • Millimages Moves To The Net
  • UTV Signs $65M Toon Deal With Funbag


  • Duck Soup Studios Puts A Smile On Wal-Mart Spot
  • Acme Filmworks Finishes Anime Ads for Rally´s
  • Renegade Creates Cool Quiz For Cheetos´ Chester
  • JJ Sedelmaier Keeps It Simple For People´s Bank Ad
  • iXL Scores With ESPN "Champions of the World" Spot
  • TOPIX/Mad Dog Chases Penguin & Monkeys For Visa
  • Interface Catches Center For Disease Control PSAs
  • Film Roman Revs Up Commercial Content


  • Spike & Mike Back In L.A.
  • Roy Disney Chat's On-Line
  • Nick Park & Peter Lord Book Signing
  • First Annual Queer Short Movie Awards
  • 8th International Short Film Festival Curtas Metragens
  • Web Animation Lecture With Toon Boom, SLM & Wild Brain


  • Titan A.E. & Fantasia Feel The Shaft
  • Foodfight Breaks Out At Threshold
  • Digimon Makes It to Theatres
  • Harry Potter Conjured in Leavesden
  • Gladiator Gaining Riches Around The World
  • Powerpuff Girls Flying To The Big Screen
  • Mission 2 Has Gone From The Top Spot
  • DreamWorks´ Shrek Shines On Imax
  • Lee´s 7th Portal Opens In Theatres
  • Mission’s Major Nod Downunder, Gladiator Still Global Ruler
  • Titan A.E. Beamed To Supercomm
  • Study Says G-Rating Stands For Grotesque Violence
  • DreamWorks Darling Truly A Global Gladiator
  • Mission Mounted Atop Historic Box Office Weekend
  • TV Detective Derrick Animates Theatres

In Passing

  • Shoe Comic Strip Creator Passes

Internet and Interactive

  • Jim Belushi Gets Greedy With Shockwave
  • Plympton Mutates AtomFilms
  • Wire Breaks Loose Three Net Toons
  • Mondo Media Summons Six New Series
  • John K Plays It Cool With Icebox
  • Lycos Launches Three Toon Net-works
  • Shockwave Funds Artists Management Group
  • DC Characters Come To WB On-Line
  • Toys'R'Us and Nickelodeon On-line Form E-commerce Alliance
  • Writer´s Guild Guards Web Work
  • Sammy Gets Stuck On The Web
  • Oblongs Waddle Onto Web
  • Verysmallcity Grows At Angoulême


  • Producer Tisch Joins Film Roman Board
  • Disney Staff Defects To Stan Lee Media
  • Pixar’s Levy Named CEO At Shockwave
  • Disney Chooses Chu As New VP Animation


  • Rugrats Magic Adventure! Toddles To Universal Studios


  • Spears Seduces The Trousers Off Prince William
  • Harvey Launches Walter Miller’s Homepage On TV
  • Slate of Nick Toons Coming to CBS
  • Nelvana To Make Doctor Dolittle Talk On TV
  • pasi & BKN Kids Partner To Produce Kong
  • The Pussycats Go Punk
  • Clerks Has Been Fired
  • Dilbert Exec Producer Catches Tick
  • Heavy Metal 2000 Sees Starz On TV
  • Noggin Nods Yes On Four New Toons
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Producer Pulls Into Nick, Par & Disney
  • Rugrats Sweep Up Nielsen Ratings

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