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Marie Beardmore is a UK based freelance writer who specializes in writing and consulting on the animation industry. She has just written a report on the global animation business for Channel 21 magazine.

Lee Dannacher, currently based in New York, is a Supervising Producer and Sound Track Director of over 350 half hours of television animated series, along with numerous home video and film productions.

Rick DeMott is the Associate Editor of Animation World Magazine and the writer of AWN's Flash.Previously, he served as Media Coordinator for Hollywood-based Acme Filmworks. He holds a BA in Film/Video from Penn State University with a Minor in Comparative Literature.

Edgar Dutka is a scriptwriter, animation historian and professor at The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Maureen Furniss, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor and Program Director of Film Studies at Chapman University in Orange, California. She is the founding editor of Animation Journaland the author of Art in Motion: Animation Aesthetics (John Libbey, 1998).

Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman is a longtime student and fan of animation. He lives in Anderson, Indiana.

Heather Kenyon is editor in chief of Animation World Magazine.

Jacquie Kubin, a Washington, DC-based freelance journalist, enjoys writing about the electronic entertainment and edutainment mediums, including the Internet. She is a frequent contributor to the Washington Timesand Krause Publication magazines. She has won the 1998 Certificate of Award granted by the Metropolitan Area Mass Media Committee of the American Association of University Women.

Derek Lamb began his film career as an animator-writer with the National Film Board of Canada in Montreal in the early Sixties. He has taught animation at Harvard and McGill Universities and the National Institute of Design, India. From 1976 to 1982, Derek was executive director of animation at the National Film Board of Canada, Montreal. He has been honored with many international film and television awards; including producer of two Academy Award Oscar winning films for animation, Special Delivery (1979) and Every Child (1980). He was the executive producer on the British Academy Award winner, The Hockey Sweater (1982). During the past ten years Derek has worked with children's organizations such as Save the Children, Norway, Street Kids international and UNICEF, on productions promoting health and education for poor and marginalized children around the world. At present, with partners, Kai Pindal and Jeff Schon, he is developing an animated TV series, Peep, with WGBH, Boston, designed to introduce elementary-science to pre-schoolers. This fall, with partners Jeff Hale and Toonz Animation India, Derek will write and direct a short-cartoon, The Last British Colonel in India, a send-up of the British Empire in India. Derek lives and works in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Jackie Leger is a Santa Monica, California-based writer specializing in independent animation.

Stephen Lynch has written about the various aspects of filmmaking for books and magazines throughout Australia, England and America, as well as co-hosting Flicks,a weekly film review program.

Bill Melendez is an animator and producer, who has long worked with Charles Schulz on many of the Peanutsanimated television specials. He has been awarded 8 Emmy Awards, two Peabody Awards and over 150 advertising awards. In addition, Bill was the first American to receive the Venice Cup for over-all animation excellence. After a seven-decade career in animation, Bill still animates, produces and directs out of his Hollywood, California-based studios, Bill Melendez Productions.

J. Paul Peszko is a freelance writer and screenwriter living in Los Angeles. He writes feature articles, interviews and reviews for regional publications. He currently has two scripts under option and is working on a feature comedy, in addition to just completing his first novel. When he isn't writing, he teaches communications courses.

Gregory Singer is an independent producer living in Orange, California. He is also the assistant editor of the Animation Journal.

Tracie Smart is a writer and musician living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has collaborated with Derek Lamb on the writing of several film and animation productions that includes segments of the Meena series for UNICEF South Asia, and the up-coming science series Peep for WGBH, Boston. Tracie's debut music album, "Echoes in the Dark," can be heard on Stone by Stone Records. Her new release, "Deeper Stills," will be released this Fall.

Joseph Szadkowski writes on various aspects of popular culture and is a columnist for The Washington Times.

Annick Teninge is the General Manager of Animation World Network. A French native, Annick began her animation career as Assistant Director at the Annecy International Animation Festival, a post she held for six years.

Note: Readers may contact any Animation World Magazinecontributor by sending an e-mail to

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