A Chat With Don Bluth And Gary Goldman (Part I)
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An explosive budget! © 2000 Twentieth Century Fox.

LL: What was the budget on Titan A.E.?

GG: It was $55 million.

LL: I heard you were doing something with Space Ace -- is that true?

GG: No, it's Dragon's Lair.We have been waiting to do something with it for over ten years. We made it part of our presentation to Fox. The four productions in development have over 70 people contributing to them at various stages. Don has been overseeing development while I've been finishing Titan.

LL: At this point, where do you see Gary Goldman going?

GG: Eh, I don't know! I think I have achieved our goal. I would say that I want to hang in here for the next couple of pictures to help train people to do what we do. There's a lot of information, a lot of things people need to learn.

LL: Is there anything you would like to do that you haven't done?

GG: I would really like to do Dragon's Lair.Derk is a funny character and he has an attitude and personality that we established in the video games. It's still one of the most popular video games -- ever -- on the "all time" list.

LL: What do you think of the criticisms you have received for your stories and films, or for the fact that you and Don left Disney?

GG: Well, if they want to try it -- try to carry 400 people on their backs; go out and raise the rent for a studio, and get talent... in 15 years of being independent...let them try it and then ask questions. You know, we've only had two down in '84 and another in '91.

"It’s all about having the passion to learn and daring to take on any challenge!" ã 2000 Twentieth Century Fox.

LL: How does Gary Goldman after 28 years keep his passion for what he's doing?

GG: I think it's the people. The crew has passion. They really want to make it work. They really want to learn more...that teaches me. My whole goal, besides trying to get more production value back into animation, was really to provide an environment like there was at Disney at one time, where you felt secure as an artist, filmmaker, contributor, animator. You could plan your life, have a place to raise your family, have a home and not worry about living like a gypsy. Personally, I can say I've been in the business for 28 years and have never been unemployed...though sometimes not paid. We've done our best to try to take care of our people. We've done our best to try to make good stories. How many people have gone out and hired sometimes over 500 people and come up with over $450,000 a week in salaries and still tried to create a quality product? It's not an easy thing to do...but it gives a great feeling of accomplishment.

LL: Gary, it's been great. Thanks for taking the time to chat. All the best with Titan.

Next month we will feature Part II, which will be with Don Bluth.

Larry Lauria is an animator/educator with 25 years in the industry. When not working on his current millennium animation project,2KJ, Larry keeps himself busy working as a freelance animator and classical animation instructor. He can also be found designing animation curricula, or traveling around the world giving animation workshops and master classes. His Web site "The Toon Institute" is part of the AWN family.

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