The Zagreb World Festival Of Animated Films: On The Eve Of Zagreb 2000
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Outdoor shots of the lush greenery surrounding the festival locale.

A New Life
In 1999, the Festival Council handed responsibility for organizing the festival back to its founders, Zagreb Film, which, after 8 years, has hired back some of its former leaders to prepare for Zagreb 2000.

This year’s films for the festival competition were selected by Clare Kitson (UK), Steve Montal (USA) and Dr. Hrvoje Turkovi (Croatia). The official awards will be presented by a jury consisting of Garry Bardine (Russia), Tsvika Oren (Israel), Bill Plympton (USA), Fusako Yusaki (Italy) and Vatroslav Mimica (Croatia).

The International Jury will present the following Festival Awards:
  • Grand Prix (Best Film at the Festival) -- a money award of 20,000 Kuna
  • Category A (30 sec. to 6 min.) -- First Prize, a money award of 10,000 Kuna, and a Second Prize
  • Category B (6 min. to 15 min.) -- First Prize, a money award of 10,000 Kuna, and a Second Prize
  • Category C (15 min. to 30 min.) -- First Prize, a money award of 10,000 Kuna, and a Second Prize
  • Best First Production "Zlatko Grgi" (Film Debut) -- a money award of 10,000 Kuna

    The joy of presenters as well as winners is captured in this shot of winning moments.
    The Jury may decide, at its own discretion, to award another five special distinctions for films with outstanding qualities.

    The 14th World Festival of Animated Film -- ZAGREB 2000 -- will be held June 21 to 25, 2000. The Festival programme

  • 4 screenings of films in competition
  • 3 screenings of films out of competition or in Panorama
  • Retrospectives of Indian and Israeli animated films
  • A retrospective of contemporary Spanish independent animated film
  • A retrospective of the works of Jan Svankmajer, Life Achievement Award laureate
  • In Memoriam: A selection of Dusan Vukotic and Nikola Kostelac films
  • The 50th anniversary celebration of the first professional Croatian animated film, The Big Meeting
  • The 40th anniversary of ASIFA and two programmes of animated films from the ASIFA Film Archives
  • 25th anniversary of SAF, a children’s workshop of animated film in Cakovec, Croatia
  • "New Ideas, New Technologies: The Future of Film and the Internet," a lecture held by Steve Montal, director of Educational and Special Program Development for the American Film Institute
  • International traditional competitive cartoon exhibition, organized by the Croatian Cartoonist Society

    Plus, there will be other exhibitions as well. We look forward to welcoming you.

    Special thanks to Vesna Dovnikovic and Cvetana Matko.

    You can now own many of Zagreb Film’s master works. Take this opportunity to view these works for the first time, or have old favorites at your screening disposal. They are available for sale in the AWN Store.

    Borivoj "Bordo" Dovnikovic (1930) is a film director, animator, cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer located in Zagreb, Croatia. Bordo is one of the pioneers of Yugoslav (Croatian) animation and belongs to the well-known Zagreb School of Animated Films. During his 40-year career he has received a great number of international awards (Columbus, New York, Chicago, Annecy, Berlin, Leipzig, Zagreb, Varna, San Antonio, Krakow and Treviso among others). In 1995 he received the Life Achievement Award Mister Linea at the International Animation Festival in Treviso. Bordo has had special presentations and retrospectives held in: Paris (Cinematheque Francaise), Montreal (Cinematheque Quebecoise), New York (Museum of Modern Art) and 15 other cities in the U.S., Moscow, Ottawa, Barcelona, Prague, Lucca and Erevan. In 1985 he published his book How To Make Cartoons. Bordo has been participating in the organization of the World Festival of Animated Films in Zagreb since its beginning (1972) and from 1985 to 1991 was the festival director. Since 1994 he has been the ASIFA Secretary General.

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