June 2000 Vol. 5, No. 03

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Annecy 2000

Editor’s Notebook
Time to hit the theaters…

PBS Outrage…


Aardman’s First Feature Egg-stravaganza!
Watch out Feathers McGraw! Aardman’s got a whole new flock. Andrew Osmond visits Aardman Animations as they put the final touches on Chicken Run,the studio’s first feature film.

A Chat With Gary Goldman And Don Bluth (Part I)
Larry Lauria starts his two-part series with a conversation with Gary Goldman, co-director of Fox Feature Animation’s summer release Titan, A.E.and industry veteran.

The Remarkable June Foray
Mark Evanier profiles the career of legendary June Foray, voice actress, ASIFA supporter and Governor of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences.

Disney Takes a BIG Departure from Formula with Dinosaur
Wendy Jackson Hall takes a look behind the scenes at the animators of Disney’s Dinosaur.


Ads Are Animating the Internet
Just how are these Internet animation companies making ends meet? Karen Raugust investigates a few ways that clever companies are placing advertising into our favorite Webisodes.

100% Digital Cars Are Up To Speed
In a world where image is everything, why has it taken advertising so long to embrace digital cars? J. Paul Peszko finds the answer and why Digital Domain was the company for the job.

Election Fraud
The United States has a long history of political comics, so how come animation isn’t used in Presidential advertising campaigns? Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman queries the wisdom…


Harvey Entertainment Takes Control
Heather Kenyon talks with Rick Mischel, President and COO of Harvey Entertainment, about the company’s transition from a licensor to a producer/distributor with the current production Casper’s Haunted Christmas.


The Zagreb World Festival Of Animated Films: On The Eve Of Zagreb 2000
Of the mighty ASIFA sanctioned festivals, Zagreb is perhaps the hidden gem that has survived through some terribly tough times and blows. Borivoj "Bordo" Dovnikovic supplies us with a history and look at Zagreb today.


Let’s Sketch on Location
Renowned drawing instructor Glenn Vilppu begins a new series of articles that discuss sketching on location.


Dotcomix: Capturing Animated Motion on the Net
Using proprietary motion-capture software and creative partnerships, Protozoa’s DotComix is quickly becoming a force on the Internet. Lee Dannacher offers an inside peak.


Gundam Wing: America’s Next Pokemon?
Cartoon Network and Sega Dreamcast are bringing Gundam Wingto America from Japan where it is already a smash success. Jacquie Kubin reports.


The Graying of E3
Gaming isn’t just for kids anymore. It is now a multi-billion dollar business and it shows. Eric Huelsman reports from the Expo floor.

ASIFA-East’s Festival Makes New York Even Hotter
Elizabeth Shin talks with ASIFA-East’s president Linda Simensky about the way ASIFA celebrations are done, New York style!


Which Is The Real Kimba?
Due to a series of legal problems, Kimba, the White Lion, has had numerous enumerations. Fred Patten tracks them all down for us and discusses the latest release — the truly original, much loved 1966 television series.


The Anime Trivia Quizbook: Fun Fan Fare or More?
Fred Patten takes Ryan Omega’s Anime Trivia Quizbook test and finds it rises well to the challenge.


Animation World News
Pinky & The Brain Take Over The Daytime Emmys, Cinar Sued By HighReach, Stuart Little’s Dykstra Swings With Spider-Man, DEN Is Done, Web Thugs Hit The Tellie, Tom Snyder Joins Shockwave, Actor Hamilton Joins Stan Lee Media As President, Honkworm Unveils New Toons At Cannes, and much, much more.

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