Cartoons On The Bay: On The Internet Front

by Annick Teninge

Positano, the fesitval’s scene. © AWN.

The 4th Cartoons On The Bay International Festival of Television Animation was held in beautiful Positano on the picturesque southern Italian coast of Amalfi from April 14—18, 2000. The festival is a five-day international event with awards, conferences and events centering on the ever-changing world of television animation. Pulcinella Awards were presented to highlight top achievements in TV animation. This year's jury was comprised of: John Coates (TV Cartoons, United Kingdom), President; Annika Cederborg (SVT, Sweden); Nelson Shin (Akom Productions, Korea); and Guido Silvestri Silver (cartoonist, Italy), the creator of the legendary Italian character, Lupo Alberto (Albert the Wolf). Richard Goleszowski's Robbie The Reindeer in Hooves Of Fire, produced by BBC Bristol, was the great winner with three Pulcinella Awards: Best Character, Best Program and Best TV Movie. The complete list of winners is available in AWN's Headline News.

At the awards press conference, an Italian journalist noted that there were almost no Italian shows awarded and questioned whether this was indicative of the state of Italian production. Festival director Alfio Bastiancich. pointed out that the production of animation for television is fairly recent in Italy and the festival organizers are expecting more Italian projects to be submitted for next year's edition. It is worth noting, however, that the European premiere of Monster Mash, Guido Manuli's new 60-minute film, was a huge success this year. Cartoons on the Bay was created in 1996 by RAI, the state television network of Italy, as a way of promoting domestic animation production. The network also hopes to challenge other European television networks' commitment to animation. The European Community recently implemented quotas on television, requiring TV channels to air more European productions. In addition to that, an agreement is currently being signed between the Italian government and public television to broadcast more Italian or other European programs (fiction, TV films and animation). As a result, RAI's annual investment in animation is expected to increase by between 16 and 30 billion Italian lire (US$8-15 million).

Positano Bay and, on the beach, the Cartoon Village. © AWN.
The Cartoon Village. © AWN.
(Left to right) Jury member Guido Silvestri Silver, Jury president John Coates, Alexander Andreas and TV Buyer Mika Kuroiwa. © AWN. (Left to right) Producer Detelina Kreck, Jury member Nelson Shin, journalist Marie Beardmore and Jury member Annika Cederborg. © AWN.
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