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Annecy 2000

Editor’s Notebook
Thank goodness for independents…



Entomology and Animation: A Portrait of An Early Master Ladislaw Starewicz
Eric Schneider profiles the man who brought stop-motion animation to Russia, Ladislaw Starewicz. Utilizing puppet beetles and dragonflies, he created films which still speak to us today. Includes Quicktime movie clips!

The Surreal World of Simon Pummell.
Equally perverse, disturbing and intellectual, the films of Simon Pummell always generate discussion and introspection as they walk the line between experimental non-linear impressions and narrative structure. Includes Quicktime movie clips!

Sody Pop Rides the Carousel: A Tale of Two Independents
Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman draws some correlations between two independents named John…guaranteed you’ll be surprised.

The Independent Internet
Heather Kenyon reveals that whether used by established filmmakers or up-and-coming youngsters, the Internet is proving to be a very versatile tool helping everyone gain a little more freedom and independence.


Tom Sito, M.P.S.C. 839 President, Answers The Tough Questions
With all the hubbub recently in Los Angeles about artists being out of work, runaway productions and the well attended PBS affiliate station picket, Heather Kenyon sat down with Tom Sito to talk.

Picketing In Front of PBS! Just Blame It On Canada?
Rick DeMott looks into the reasons why the Screen Cartoonists’ Union of Los Angeles decided to picket in front of PBS affiliate, KCET.

Pulling Yourself Together: The Professional Portfolio
Larry Lauria touches base with DreamWorks’ Frank Gladstone to learn the latest on what studios expect to see in portfolios.

Acting in Animation: A BATS Workshop
Stephen Featherstone discusses his week-end training course with stop-motion animation director, Barry Purves, where he reveals he learned more than just animation skills.

Bringing Animation to the Inner-City
Leo F. Hobaica, Jr. relates his winning experience as faculty coordinator of CalArts’ Community Arts Partnership animation workshops, which teaches animation fundamentals to children.


The Hottest Family in Animated TV: Betty and Mickey Paraskevas
Raymond Palma chats with the mother-son team of Betty and Mickey Paraskevas, whose children’s books are turning into television shows like wildfire.


India's Expanding Horizons Part III
Jayanti Sen finishes up her profile of animation in India by profiling the current projects, companies and artists that are helping to build India into an animation nation of force.


Choosing An Animation School
Before signing up for training — and signing that check — there are several key facts that you need to know. Larry Lauria explains.


Oddworld Inhabitants: Weird Name, Great Game
Oddworld Inhabitants proves that gaming can be exciting — and intelligent with great characters, stories and animation. Jacquie Kubin pays a visit.


Cartoons On The Bay: On The Internet Front
Annick Teninge journeyed to television’s festival in Positano, Italy, only to find that they were talking about (what else?) but the Internet.

The 2000 British Animation Awards
The British Animation Awards brought the U.K. animation population out for the night. Andrew Osmond was there and reports with this colorful scrapbook.

The Problem With Bad Teeth
European feature animation producers and filmmakers gathered in Potsdam to discuss funding and distribution partnerships and deals. Heikki Jokinen reports on Cartoon’s latest coup.

The 3rd Brisbane International Animation Festival
Stephen Lynch reports from Australia’s foremost animation festival.


Fresh from the Festivals: May 2000's Film Reviews
Maureen Furniss reviews the following festival favs in this month’s column: The Child, Steinflug (Flight of the Stone), Slim Pickings, Wild Card and To Build a Better Mousetrap. Includes Quicktime movie clips!


Animation World News
CINAR Co-Founder Signed For Investment, Nelvana Enters The Net Game, Stan Lee Developing Web-Based Animation Software, Nelvana Nabs Klutz Publishing, Stan Lee Creating Batman& Superman Comics, DreamWorks Rides With Max Howard, Entertaindom Top Trio Exit, COO & Level 13 Creator Leaves Film Roman, NBC’s God Excommunicated, Shockwave Clinches Deal With David Lynch, Joe Cartoon Caps Cybersquatter, The Old Man And His Oscar, Mission Hill Wins Cartoons On The Bay.

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