March 2000 Vol. 4, No. 12

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Annecy 2000

Editor's Notebook
Four years strong...


10 Questions with Edwin Catmull, Super Genius


El Dorado: The Old World Meets the New in "Tradigital" Animation
DreamWorks SKG is seeking box office gold with their new film, The Road to El Dorado. J. Paul Peszko goes behind the scenes to reveal a new production process, a new type of artist and why this film might just reach the promised land.

Walking With Dinosaurs
Eric Huelsman predicts that Walking With Dinosaurs will be hailed as one of the most scientifically significant technological benchmarks in broadcast television for many years to come. Here's why...

Animation Look-A-Likes: Mobilux Lumia and Other Real-Time Technologies
Beginning in the late `50s there was an inspired flow of clever techniques that seemed like animation, but really weren't. These cartoon look-a-likes were shot in real-time and not frame-by-frame. Howard Beckerman takes a look back on a few of these fleeting methods.

The Old Man and The Sea: Hands Above The Rest?
Alyson Carty & Chris Robinson offer an indepth look at Alexander Petrov's IMAX spectacular, The Old Man and The Sea.

All This and 230M MIP-Mapped Textels/Sec, Too
I get fliers...I get pamphlets...I get e-mails about all the amazing technology available to today's animators. And while I can't use any of it, we can all appreciate how new technology is making bringing `toons to life more easy.


Remembering Marc
Chuck Jones and Charles Solomon remember Marc Davis, an animation legend.


Overseas Marketing Suggestions for the Korean Animation Industry
While Korea is recognized as a world animation power, she is not known to have creative control over the projects on which she works. Now could be the right time for Korean companies to change this role. Joe Jo suggests a few tactics.


Performance And Acting For Animators
From television and feature film to motion-capture and voice actors, Judy Lieff addresses acting and performance as it relates to the professional animator and his training.


Mondo Media At Play On The Internet Frontier
Mondo Media creates some of the Web's hottest animated series. With a new round of funding and orders for more "Webisodes," Lee Dannacher decided to take a closer look at this player.


NATPE 2000: A Turning Point Toward Convergence
This year's NATPE was a decidedly different conference as television executives mingled with new and interactive media upstarts. Bruce Johansen, President of NATPE, discusses this new trend.

Impressions from Imagina 2000
Computer graphics veteran Jeff Kleiser attended Imagina 2000 in France and reports back on the thought-provoking experience.

Rotterdam Turns to Japan
Iain Harvey traveled to the International Film Festival at Rotterdam and was treated to a nice surprise -- an intelligent animation program married to a live-action festival.


The 2000 Oscar Shortlist Showcase
See an indepth profile of all the Oscar shortlisted films. With QuickTime movie clips, quotes and summaries you can experience five other films that were the tops in festivals worldwide in 1999.

Fresh from the Festivals: March 2000's Film Reviews
Maureen Furniss takes a critical look at the five films that were shortlisted for Oscar consideration but not nominated: The Indescribable Nth, Monsieur Pett, Village of Idiots, Silence and Fractured Fairy Tales: The Phox, the Box and the Lox. Includes QuickTime clips!

The Wonderful Things About The Tigger Movie
Rick DeMott reviews Disney's latest, The Tigger Movie, and reveals a true classic.


Beatletoons, The Real Story Behind The Cartoon Beatles
Jerry Beck reviews Mitchell Axelrod's heartfelt tribute to The Beatles cartoon show and reveals a great book for cartoon buffs who want to know how it was done during the early days.


Animation World News
Animation World Network Gets More Creative, Disney's Go.Com Goes In A New Direction, Disney Will Close Canadian Doors, Fox Cuts 70% Of Its Animation Staff, DreamWorks Picks Up Pacific Data Images, French Ellipse & Expand Form New Euro TV Company, Much Grief, Charles Schulz Passes and much, much more.

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