February 2000 Vol. 4, No. 11

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The Future Of Motion-Capture Animation: Building The Perfect Digital Human
Digital humans are right around the corner according to Giant Studios and Webbie Tookay couldn't be more delighted. Laura Schiff explains.

Vicon Motion Systems' Brian Nilles: Motion-Capture Moves Forward
Sharon Schatz interviews Brian Nilles on the new Vicon 8 motion-capture system and the future of the industry.

A Horse Is A Horse Of Course...But Even In Motion-Capture?
Motion-capture takes a new direction when a live, four-legged creature is brought into the mix. Gregory Singer describes capturing the motions of an Andalusian stallion.


Of Harpies, Hydras, and Harryhausen
Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman reminisces about the incredible adventure Jason and the Argonauts took him on and the power of Ray Harryhausen and great storytelling.

A Chat with Ray Harryhausen

Ruth and Roger Whiter were lucky enough to meet Ray Harryhausen for tea and a chat about his career, the craft of stop-motion and the value of careful planning.

The Genuine Aardicle

The most famous stop-motion studio in the world -- Aardman Animations -- is poised and ready for even greater success. Wendy Jackson Hall reports.


A Closer Look At Art Scott
Katie Mason profiles Art Scott, a man whose career took him to almost every major U.S. studio.


India's Expanding Animation Horizons: Part II
Jayanti Sen continues her piece on India's hopeful animation future by profiling a few up and coming Indian animators.


Getting a Handle on Direct Lighting
Renowned drawing instructor Glenn Vilppu offers the eleventh installment in his bi-monthly Animation World Magazine online drawing course. In this chapter, he discusses the utilization of direct lighting.


Fresh from the Festivals: February 2000's Film Reviews
Maureen Furniss reviews short films: 3 Misses by Paul Driessen, David Gainey's Fishing, Mum by CalArts' Nicholas Peterson, Emma Calder's The Queen's Monastery and Little Dark Poet by Mike Booth.

Like It Or Not, The Sick And Twisted School Of Animation Is Here To Stay
Karl Cohen investigates the appeal of Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival and gives homage to the two men who helped create this strange film aesthetic.


Walt Disney and Europe: A Closer Look At Sources
Fred Patten reviews Robin Allan's new book, Walt Disney and Europe; European Influences on the Animated Feature Films of Walt Disney, and discovers that Allan delves far beyond the obvious nature of the title.

CG 101: A Computer Graphics Industry Reference
Paul Younghusband reviews CG 101, a general, but detailed, book which covers a wide range of topics, from visual effects techniques, to terminology, job descriptions and visual effects history.


Animation World News
A Split Decision For Net MTV, Nelvana Goes Public With $40M Deal, AOL & Time Warner Merge Into New Media Giant, Charles Schulz Retires, Disney's Legendary Marc Davis Dies, Fantasia Already Filling Theaters, Brazil Bans Violent Video Games, Grammy's Toon Tunes and much, much more. . .

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Ray Harryhausen, a stop-motion master, poses with his creations from Clash of the Titans. Courtesy of and © Animation Art Gallery London.

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