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A New Age...



Quenching The New Millennium's Thirst For Animated Fare
Lee Dannacher takes us inside the rapidly expanding world of animation distribution over the Internet. AtomFilms, Honkworm, Entertaindom, Cartoon Network and Wild Brain are all profiled.

Milestones Of The Animation Industry In The 20th Century
The history of animation in the 20th Century has been falsified and distorted for many years. Animation World wanted to begin the new century with an accurate list of our industry's achievements. Karl Cohen decided to take on the challenge.

Fearless Predictions
Buzz Potamkin makes his predictions on the trends that will influence our animation industry and marketplace well into the next 100 years.

SNEAKS 2000: A Look at 10 Must See Pix for Y2K
Eric Huelsman profiles a few of the animation and special effects laden films that the year 2000 holds. Animation fans should not miss this article.

The Watershed Is Coming
While 1999's "different" animated features did not break any box office records, they did show that a change is in the air. Andy Klein illuminates the animated feature's struggle.

Year In, Year Out
Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman relates his animated hits and misses of 1999 and predicts the feature and television winners and losers, and trends, of 2000.

The Dead Animators Society
Cartoon historian Leslie Cabarga interviews famous animators from beyond the grave. What do Winsor McCay, Georges Méliès, Max Fleischer, Walt Disney, Pat Sullivan, Otto Messmer, Tex Avery and Lotte Reininger have to say about their lives and the current animation scene? Read on!

It's Time To Take Gaming Seriously
As Jacquie Kubin relates the gaming industry is seeking more and more animators as new systems raise the aesthetic bar, making games faster, more realistic and well, animated.


Fantasia/2000: Blending Art and Technology
Fantasia/2000 definitely pushes the technical limits of animation, creating visuals we have never seen before. As a special treat, David Bossert, the film's artistic coordinator and visual effects supervisor, takes us deep into the process.


2000 And Beyond: A Host of Possibilities and Changes
We surveyed a wide range of leaders from all walks of animation's varied path and asked them their opinions on the biggest issues facing us and how this will change our industry.


A New Millennium = Some New Tricks
Want to get hired in the new millennium? Besides the addition of Flash to your repertoire and keeping an eye on that computer, most of the required skills remain the same. Here the industry's top recruiters offer advice. Compiled by Heather Kenyon.


Animation World News
Warner Enters On-line Ring, Film Roman Launches Level 13, Wild Brain Child On The Net, South Park Creators Get Shocked, DreamCast Goes Platinum, In Memory of Mary Kay Bergman, and much, much more. . .

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