Blue Sky's Trip to Japan
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Day Seven
On the last day Justin and I visited Polygon Pictures while Steve and Cliff went to do some extra shopping. Polygon Pictures is a small shop and I knew a couple of people there so we thought it'd be nice to stop by. They liked Bunny and were kind enough to show some of their work too.

Afterward Justin and I went out on the town and visited Roppongi which is a rather famous area of the city which like Shinjuku has a lot of clubs and bars. We had coffee at a Starbucks there and relaxed.

After this we all reunited for one last bash at Blue, where we had previously been invited by Yabe, from UFO. The mix of music was really good and we spent a large part of the night dancing away. We all had flights leaving early the next day but it was a great way to spend our last moments in Japan.

Our trip was a most rewarding one. We had the opportunity to learn a great many things, experience a wondrous culture so different from our own and meet some of the living legends of Japanese animation that have inspired us in so many ways. To say that this trip changed our lives would be an understatement, it was a rare opportunity that is bound to provoke reminiscences within us for quite some time to come.

Born and raised in Australia, Andre has worked in the CG industry for 5 years, two and a half of them at Blue Sky Studios, in Harrison, New York. After briefly training to become a spelunker, he quickly discovered his true calling as a professional geek. His past times include snow-boarding, hiking, snooker and contemplating the proliferation of mental conceptualisation.

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