Blue Sky's Trip to Japan
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Day One
Because Cliff booked late he left a day earlier than the rest of us. He had checked into the hotel and had a day's sightseeing in before we arrived. So that's why he's not in this picture. Here we are, newly arrived in Japan after a relaxing 14 hour flight. We're in the ultra modern Narita airport which in actuality is quite far from the centre of Tokyo. Taking the train from the airport is quite relaxing and for much of the journey has a beautiful view. Here you see Ayumu and I in the train.

The culture shock is already hitting Steve and Justin who have been busily taking photos all over the subway station. Since I'd been to Japan before and of course Ayumu is a native, we were a lot more cosmopolitan about the whole thing. I'd love to add all the photos we have here but there just isn't room.

Since we were all pretty wrecked from the flight, we decided to go straight to the hotel. Ayumu had managed to swing a foreigner's discount at one of the premiere hotels in one of the most exciting parts of Tokyo, a place called Shinjuku. Here we met up with Cliff and took a look at our rooms. This is the view from the window. It's actually a government building that is quite impressive to look at and has quite a presence. Needless to say by this time we were all starting to feel a little giddy about the trip.

Shinjuku is a very exciting place which has some of the largest shopping centres in Tokyo and also boasts a fine selection of restaurants and clubs. It sounds like an obvious cliché but it's really easy to feel like you are on the set of Blade Runner. Here we are just outside the restaurant where we're about to eat dinner. After dinner we all went to bed because we had our first presentation the next day at Digital Hollywood.

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