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Tadahito Mochinaga: The Japanese Animator Who Lived In Two Worlds
Forging a career in the midst of war, Tadahito Mochinaga lived and worked in both China and Japan, completing many cel and puppet animation firsts. Kosei Ono relates this amazing man's life story.

Blue Sky's Trip to Japan
Four lucky staffers from Blue Sky Studios visited Japan to give presentations, meet and greet, and uncover some of the secrets behind the beautiful and often mysterious tradition of Japanese animation. André Mazzone recounts.

Pokemononoke: Anime For The Millennium
While many will say that anime is not storming the U.S. mainstream, Andrew Osmond points out a number of ways this art form is entering and influencing the animation we see every day.

Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman urges us to look to Asia to find new opportunities and stories from a region well versed and experienced in animation. From festivals to new South Korean productions...he has a plan.

Independence In Japan
Representing a new breed of Japanese animator, Keita Kurosaka and Koji Yamamura, have not chosen the beaten anime path, but rather an independent life. Gigi T. Y. Hu introduces us. Includes a Quicktime movie clip!

India's Expanding Animation Horizons
Jayanti Sen once again takes us inside the Indian animation industry to meet the growing number of companies producing animated television shows, commercials and feature films. Includes a Quicktime movie clip!


Home of the 3D Thrills
Rick DeMott traveled to the Universal Studios Hollywood Terminator 2 3D attraction and reveals that the thrill factor is high.

SimEx Digital Studios: Specialty Venues and More
If it is imagery, then it is up SimEx's alley. Heather Kenyon interviews specialty venue film veteran Allen Yamashita about SimEx, a company that provides digital image "solutions" for a number of outlets.


Toy Story 2 Is Not Your Typical Hollywood Sequel
Pixar does it yet again! In a sequel many are calling better than the first (is this possible?!), the Toy Story gang is back in theaters. Karl Cohen paid a visit to the studio and spoke with the film's directors and producers. A real treat.

Rhapsody in Blue: Fantasia 2000's Jewel in the Crown
Charles Solomon takes a closer look at the "Rhapsody in Blue" sequence of Fantasia 2000. With art inspired by caricaturist Al Hirschfeld and music by George Gershwin, we think you'll agree it warrants it.

The Goldbergs: Two Peas in a Pod
Charles Solomon introduces us to Eric and Susan Goldberg, a rare husband and wife team who are integral to the "Rhapsody in Blue" segment of Disney's Fantasia 2000.


Legendary Eastern European Animation Studios Struggle to Survive
Shifting from a communist to capitalist market system has not been easy on the great studios of Eastern Europe. Adam Snyder reports on their survival techniques.


Using Tone To Draw
Renowned drawing instructor Glenn Vilppu offers the tenth installment in his bi-monthly Animation World Magazine online drawing course. In this chapter, he begins to discuss three distinct methods of using tone.


INA -- A Pioneer In New Technologies
Valérie Rivoallon profiles INA, the National Audiovisual Institute, which is dedicated to the preservation and development of French audiovisual heritage, through research, education and high-profile exhibitions. Available in French and English.


SAFO `99: How A Festival Should Be
Dan Sarto reports on Ottawa's SAFO 1999 which was by all accounts a hit!

The Matita Festival Scrapbook
When a small Italian village hosted the Matita International Animation Film Festival, they presented a lot of big ideas for all who participated. Animation World's Annick Teninge was there.


Fresh from the Festivals: December 1999's Film Reviews
Maureen Furniss reviews short films: Bärbel Neubauer's Firehouse, The Albatross by Paul Bush, My Father's Story by Mary Kocol, Konstantin Bronzit's The End of the Earth, and The Indescribable Nth, directed by Oscar Moore at Character Builders. Includes multiple Quicktime movie clips!


John Canemaker's Sweet "Dreams"
John Canemaker spotlights animation's unsung heroes in Paper Dreams: The Art and Artists of Disney's Story Boards. Mike Lyons reports.

The Art and Science of Digital Compositing
Paul Younghusband reviews this text which delves into the artistic and scientific techniques used to blend multiple 2D elements seamlessly.


Animation World News
Disney Plans To Finish Salvador Dali Film, Aardman Signs Four Picture Deal With DreamWorks, Academy Announces Scientific Achievements Oscar List, Disney And Hong Kong Reach Agreement For New Theme Park, and much, much more...

The Grand Finale. . . On A Desert Island With. . . .

Fox Kids Network and Sony Pictures Family Entertainment Group executives.

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Ashitaki, an Emishi warrior, and Yakul, his trusty red elk, star in Princess Mononoke, Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece. © Miramax Films.

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