A Year in Review - A Year to Come
January, 2000

In January, we look back at the past year, and century, and toward the new horizon. We will cover several key areas. For instance, we will cover how the Internet is changing the world of distribution for independent animators. And, are you still thinking that the gaming industry is on the fringe of the animation industry? Well, Jacquie Kubin will tell us why animators need to start taking this billion dollar industry more seriously. Andy Klein is going to take a closer look at the identity crisis currently facing animation as it tries to grow out of its "kids only" label. Next year's big special effects films will be profiled and Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman will review his animation hits and misses for 1999 and make some predictions for 2000. To wrap-up our series of articles about Fantasia 2000, Disney's production guru David Bossert is going to discuss the blending of art and technology, and how the animation production process has advanced since the first Fantasia graced movie screens. We will also have additional surprises as leaders in the industry and art of animation analyze the current state of animation and offer their predictions for the coming year. Moreover, our favorite artists will tell us what they feel the most valuable skills to possess are. Karl Cohen is preparing a very special treat for us as well. He is putting together a timeline that highlights animation history's key points. This will be a must-have reference tool for everyone. Finally, get out your crystal ball...Leslie Cabarga is channeling the spirits of animation legends like Walt Disney, Tex Avery, and more from the afterworld to glean their opinions on the current state of animation.

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