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Karl Cohen is President of ASIFA-San Francisco. His first book, Forbidden Animation: Censored Cartoons and Blacklisted Animators, is published by McFarland Publishers. He also teaches animation history at San Francisco State University.

Rick DeMott is the Associate Editor of Animation World Magazine. Previously, he served as Media Coordinator for Hollywood-based Acme Filmworks. He holds a BA in Film/Video from Penn State University with a Minor in Comperative Literature.

Maureen Furniss, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor and Program Director of Film Studies at Chapman University in Orange, California. She is the Founding Editor of Animation Journal and the author of Art in Motion: Animation Aesthetics (John Libbey, 1998).

Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman is a longtime student and fan of animation. He lives in Anderson, Indiana.

Gigi T. Y. Hu is a PhD candidate at the University of Hong Kong, Department of Comparative Literature. She is currently, a visiting researcher at Sophia University, Institute of Comparative Culture, Tokyo. She is also the co-founder of the first Singapore Animation Fiesta in 1996. Her research interest in animation studies began in the early '90s when she was a postgraduate student at the Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow.

Heather Kenyon is editor-in-chief of Animation World Magazine.

Mike Lyons is a Long Island-based freelance writer who has written over 100 articles on film and animation. His work has appeared in Cinefantastique, Animato! and The Disney Magazine.

Andre Mazzone, born and raised in Australia, has worked in the CG industry for 5 years, two and a half of them at Blue Sky Studios, in Harrison, New York. After briefly training to become a spelunker, he quickly discovered his true calling as a professional geek. His past times include snow-boarding, hiking, snooker and contemplating the proliferation of mental conceptualisation.

Kosei Ono was born in Tokyo, Japan. He is a noted film critic and expert on animated films. His books include: The History of Chinese Animated Films (1987), the only full-scale perspective on Chinese animated films to date, and Osamu Tezuka (1989). He is now preparing the book, The History of Japanese Animated Films.

Andrew Osmond is a freelance writer specialising in fantasy media and animation.

Valérie Rivoallon, originally a screenwriter, has worked in journalism since 1988. On the editorial staff of BREF, a magazine devoted to the short film, she has specialized in animation since 1993. She has also organized programs for several festivals, and works on the radio. Her monthly animation program is called Bulles de rêve.

Dan Sarto is an accomplished "hack" technologist and Chief Operating Officer of Animation World Network.

Jayanti Sen has been working as a freelance journalist for various English and Bengali journals in India and abroad for the last seventeen years writing on subjects such as cinema, theatre, art, music, science, puppetry, advertising and animation. She is also an animation filmmaker who has had several of her films screened in international film festivals.

Adam Snyder is President of Rembrandt Films, producer of Nudnik and Friends, distributed by Sunbow Entertainment, and several other series distributed by Palm Plus Productions, including classic animation from Zagreb Film and the Sofia Animation Studio, which are packaged into two thirteen part series, Maxicat and Friends and Three Fools and Friends respectively.

Charles Solomon is an internationally respected critic and historian of animation. His most recent books include The Disney That Never Was (Hyperion, 1995), Les Pionniers du Dessin Animé Américain (Dreamland, Paris, 1996) and Enchanted Drawings: The History of Animation (Knopf, 1989; reprinted, Wings, 1994). His writings on the subject have appeared in TV Guide, Rolling Stone, The Los Angeles Times, Modern Maturity, Film Comment, The Hollywood Reporter, Millimeter, and The Manchester Guardian, and have been reprinted in newspapers and professional journals in the United States, Canada, France, Russia, Britain, Israel, the Netherlands and Japan.

Annick Teninge is the General Manager of Animation World Network. She was also a Jury member at this year's edition of the Matita Festival. A French native, Annick began her animation career as Assistant Director at the Annecy International Animation Festival, a post she held for six years.

Glenn Vilppu teaches figure drawing at the American Animation Institute, the Masters program of the UCLA Animation Dept., Walt Disney Feature Animation and Warner Bros. Feature Animation, and is being sent to teach artists at Disney TV studios in Japan, Canada and the Philippines. Vilppu has also worked in the animation industry for 18 years as a layout, storyboard and presentation artist. His drawing manual and video tapes are being used worldwide as course materials for animation students.

Paul Younghusband is editor-in-chief of Visual Magic Magazine, a publication focusing on the 3-D graphics and digital effects industries.

Note: Readers may contact any Animation World Magazine contributor by sending an e-mail to

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