Goodbye Elfriede...
Today, I read William Moritz's obituary for Elfriede Fischinger, "In Passing...Elfriede Fischinger" (Moritz, 4.3). I'm shocked that I didn't know about this sooner. I just went on-line today (a late-bloomer!) and got hit with this information.

It'll be hard to forget some of those New York screenings long ago. Oskar's work certainly has been an influence; Elfriede and Bill are to be thanked and congratulated for spreading the word.

The piece was well written, and I'm pleased to have run into it.

Thank you,
Michael Sporn

The Mag Is Getting Too Big!
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the splendid magazine that Animation World is. Along with and Cinefex, AWN became a vital ingredient as up-to-date information on the world of animation during the writing of my final dissertation. The dissertation entitled, "The Influence of Animation on Technology to Promote Greater Visual Literacy," discussed and demonstrated how animation has always pushed technology to achieve greater realism. Realism in the art of appearance, and realism in the art of movement. An important result of my studies showed that though photorealistic graphics made a piece of work look good, without enough detail given to movement of the object across the screen, the initial impact of photorealism was short lived. Much of the paper tracked this symbiotic relationship between animation and technology from the early days of the Fleischers, through today with Pixar and Blue Sky (Bunny).

Anyway, again I must take this chance to thank you for the magazine, but must also stress that now I have graduated from University, it is increasingly difficult to download the Acrobat version of the magazine, so I suggest an FTP site for guys like me over the Atlantic.

Chetan Visrolia

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