Asian Animation, December 1999

In the month of December, Animation World will discuss Asian animation and the animated elements of location-based entertainment. To start off our Asian animation section, Kosei Ono will profile Japanese artist, Tadahito Mochinaga, and Gigi Hu will discuss Japan's independent filmmakers. India's growing number of animation studios will also be profiled. A group of key creative talent from Blue Sky Studios recently toured Japan and they will take us through their journey. Andrew Osmond will write about anime's growing influence on mainstream animation.

In other stories, Ilene Gannaway will take us on a tour of current location-based entertainment projects. Our Fantasia profiles will continue with Charles Solomon discussing Fantasia 2000's "Rhapsody in Blue" sequence in depth. Adam Snyder will focus on studios animating in the Eastern block, and Valérie Rivoallon will profile another French archive. This time it is L'Institut National de l'Audiovisuel or INA. Dan Sarto will tell us all about his trip to the Ottawa International Student Animation Festival. As a special treat, Karl Cohen is visiting Pixar to meet the talent and technology behind Toy Story II. Glenn Vilppu continues his on line drawing course and Maureen Furniss will continue her film reviews. As for book reviews, Mike Lyons will interview John Canemaker on his new work Paper Dreams, while Paul Younghusband takes on The Art and Science of Digital Compositing.

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