October 1999 Vol. 4, No. 7

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Toys R Us' Fragile Cartoon World...
What does a trip through Toys R Us teach us in regards to how our children are playing with toys in today's world of heavily licensed creations? Tarleton Gillespie takes us on such a voyage...

Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesamstrasse?
Local Co-Productions Fuel Sesame Street's International Expansion
CTW is bringing Sesame Street to children all over the world by using a variety of techniques, including local co-productions. Karen Raugust explains how this cultural sensitivity keeps the learning coming.

Gotta Buy 'Em All!
Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman looks at the marketing and licensing scheme that has turned 150 viscous monsters into the "Pokémon" every kid in America must have.

A Profession On The Way To Maturity
With distribution outlets on the rise for animated programming in France, Valérie Rivoallon reveals how both US and native companies are taking advantage of licensing and merchandising opportunities. Available in English and French.

Rhino Sings the `Toons
Conceived with a sense of humor and a love for music and pop culture, Rhino Records has followed its quirky sensibility right into the heart of cartoon culture. Sharon Schatz profiles this successful venture.

Marsupial Madness: The Success of Yoram Gross
While Australians might not get excited over their native marsupials, the rest of the world certainly does -- much to the delight of Yoram Gross, whose pocketed characters have been successfully exported to millions. Stephen Lynch reports from Australia.


Here Come "Smart Toys"
Jacquie Kubin discovers a new realm where technology meets toys, and discusses the new delights that are in store for the upcoming holiday season.

Dreamcast: Gaming's New Darling
Joseph Szadkowski reports on Sega's new Dreamcast system, the latest technology to hit the gaming world and put Sega back on top.

The "Hot Dozen" for Holiday '99
What are the hot toys this holiday season going to be? Toy Wishes: The Ultimate Toy Buying Guide is here to answer these and other questions.


A New Life For Fantasia
As Fantasia 2000's premiere date approaches, J.B. Kaufman finds Fantasia's roots and reveals Disney's hopes for their second chance at awakening Walt's dream.

Now It's Time for the Beany and Cecil Cartoons
Robert Story continues his behind the scenes memoirs of his time working with animation legend Bob Clampett. This month he concludes with the tale of the animated show Beany and Cecil.


India's Growing Might
Jayanti Sen explains India's proud animation history and the country's growing hopes for the future.

In "The Neglected Queen Of Indian Animation," Jayanti Sen sets the record straight on the many firsts in India's animation history that have happened in Calcutta and the Eastern region of India.


Seeing The Figure As A 2D Object
Renowned drawing instructor Glenn Vilppu offers the ninth installment in his bi-monthly online drawing course. This month he reveals another approach to life drawing.


The Glad Family Trust Collection Is Truly Remarkable
Imagine a museum with an animation art collection big enough to create large exhibits on almost any topic... This exists in the form of an extensive private archive. Karl Cohen reports.


Look and Learn: TV on Animation
Andrew Osmond profiles Dope Sheet and Splat! two television series which animation fans are not going to want to miss.

Fresh from the Festivals: October 1999's Film Reviews
Maureen Furniss reviews short films: Fugue by Georges Schwizgebel, Pleasures of War by Ruth Lingford, Humdrum by Aardman's Peter Peaks, Uncle and Cousin by Australia's Adam Benjamin and Plug, directed by Meher Gourjian.
Includes 6 Quicktime Movie Clips!


Animation World News
Nickelodeon Opens Animation Studio In New York, Disney Halts Peter Pan Production, A New Fractured Fairy Tales Cartoon Premieres!, SABA Completes First Iranian Feature, Fox Family Announces Fall Schedule, UPN Orders Roman Doomsday, Disney Classics, Pink Floyd's The Wall, Kino Releases Brothers Quay, Image Releases Hubley DVD, Iron Giant Comes To Home Video, and much more.

On A Desert Island With. . . .DreamWorks Executives and Producers
This month we learn the favs of three DreamWorks executives.


Plympton's Pundits by Bill Plympton

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