Thanks for the Tribute
Thanks so much for "Building A New British Empire: A Tribute to Clare Kitson" (Teninge, 4.6) in last month's magazine.

I was so touched both by everyone's generous thoughts and by all the work you obviously put into contacting all those people.

I really was bowled over.

All the best,
Clare Kitson

Voice Acting Articles Helped
Thanks for the voice-over/voice acting articles in last month's Animation World Magazine (issue 4.6). As an aspiring 'toon' voice, I'm in a constant, shameless quest for tips and information from those "in the know." I've been reading Animation World Magazine on-line for about a year and really appreciate the industry news and articles.

I also always look forward to the weekly trivia quiz. Thanks for the weekly boost.

Mark Matulis

Festival Insight
I read with great interest the article "Animation Festivals: A Year of Proliferation and Change" by Irene Kotlarz (Kotlarz, 3.10) and have archived it for later reference.

I direct the Toronto Digital Image Festival and found her comments poignant and encouraging. Thank you AWN for bringing this article to the animation community.

Rick Dolishny
Director, Toronto Digital Image Festival

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