Feature Films, November 1999

November is going to be another packed, globe trotting issue as Animation World takes a look at the exciting arena of animated feature films. Emru Townsend discusses the long awaited Princess Mononoke and interviews Hiyao Miyazaki himself regarding the film's journey to the US mainland. Half way around the world, Heikki Jokinen reveals the health of the European feature market and its high hopes for the future. Ilene Gannaway is going to take us inside the production of Sony Imageworks' next wower, Stuart Little. From story to technical innovations, Ilene will give us the inside scoop on how Imageworks is turning a CGI mouse, into one of the family. Andrew Osmond will debate whether or not animated features have indeed grown up, and Ron Price of Character Builders writes about working on animated feature films from Ohio...yes, you read correctly Ohio! We will also continue our Fantasia 2000 series by taking an in-depth look at a few of the film's new sequences. Donald Siegal, accomplished lyricists and composer, will also offer insight into the purpose of songs in feature animation.

Education and Training will also be included in this issue. PBS' new show Doodle will be highlighted, as will art work from the portfolios of some of your favorite working artists. How good were they when they got their first job? Come back next month for a peek.

Plus: Two very important markets, Cartoon Forum and MIPCOM, will be reviewed by industry insiders who will not only review the events but give insight on current market trends. And more short films will be reviewed by Maureen Furniss.

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