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Karl Cohen is President of ASIFA-San Francisco. His first book, Forbidden Animation: Censored Cartoons and Blacklisted Animators, is published by McFarland Publishers. He also teaches animation history at San Francisco State University.

Maureen Furniss, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor and Program Director of Film Studies at Chapman University in Orange, California. She is the Founding Editor of Animation Journal and the author of Art in Motion: Animation Aesthetics (John Libbey, 1998).

Tarleton Gillespie is honing his academic skills in the Department of Communication at the University of California, San Diego. He teaches courses on children, media, and animation; his dissertation currently in the works focuses on sampling as a cultural technique and the implications for authorship in a digital world. An essay (co-authored with Chandra Mukerji) analyzing how its ambiguity in Animaniacs speaks to the cultural experience of childhood will soon be available in Symbolic Childhood, a forthcoming volume edited by Dan Cook.

Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman is a longtime student and fan of animation. He lives in Anderson, Indiana.

J.B. Kaufman is an independent film historian who has written extensively on early Disney animation. He is co-author, with Russell Merritt, of Walt in Wonderland: The Silent Films of Walt Disney, and the two are completing a second book on the Silly Symphonies.

Heather Kenyon is editor-in-chief of Animation World Magazine.

David Kilmer is associate editor of Animation World Magazine, a filmmaker, and author of The Animated Film Collector's Guide: Worldwide Sources for Cartoons on Videotape and Laserdisc(1997, John Libbey & Co.). He is currently working on The Do-It-Yourself Cartoon I.D. Kit, a companion volume to his earlier book.

Jacquie Kubin, a Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer and photo-journalist, covers all manner of toys from stuffed teddy bears to computer equipment. She enjoys covering pop culture, travel and music events. Personal career highlights include interviewing Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, numerous photo opportunities with present day diva, Cheryl Crow, and interviewing Spawn's Todd McFarlane more than any other working female journalist.

Stephen Lynch has written about the various aspects of filmmaking for books and magazines throughout Australia, England and America, as well as co-hosting Flicks, a weekly film review program.

Andrew Osmond is a freelance writer specialising in fantasy media and animation.

Bill Plympton is an award-winning independent animator based in New York. His feature film, I Married A Strange Person, is currently touring the festival circuit. Visit Bill Plympton's web site!

Karen Raugust is the author of several books and reports on licensing and entertainment, including The Licensing Business Handbook, International Licensing: A Status Report (both available from EPM Communications, New York) and Merchandise Licensing for the Television Industry (available from Focal Press, Newton, Mass.). She also writes about licensing, animation and other topics for publications including The Hollywood Reporter, Publishers Weekly and Animation Magazine, and acts as a consultant to the licensing and entertainment industries. She is the former Executive Editor of The Licensing Letter.

Valerie Rivoallon has worked in journalism since 1988. On the editorial staff of BREF, a magazine devoted to the short film, she has specialized in animation since 1993. She has also organized programs for several festivals, and works on the radio. Her monthly animation program is called Bulles de rêve.

Sharon Schatz works in the programming department at Fox Family Channel and is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. She has a special appreciation for Schoolhouse Rock and often starts her day with a few tracks from "America Rock." She has also been known to blast `Josie & the Pussycats' on her car stereo while driving in rush hour traffic.

Jayanti Sen has been working as a freelance journalist for various English & Bengali journals in India and abroad for the last seventeen years writing on subjects such as cinema, theatre, art, music, science, puppetry, advertising and animation. She is also an animation filmmaker who has had several of her films screened in International film festivals.

Robert Story is a producer and writer. He lives in Laguna Beach, California.

Joseph Szadkowski writes on various aspects of popular culture and is a columnist for The Washington Times.

Glenn Vilppu teaches figure drawing at the American Animation Institute, the Masters program of the UCLA Animation Dept., Walt Disney Feature Animation and Warner Bros. Feature Animation, and is being sent to teach artists at Disney TV studios in Japan, Canada and the Philippines. Vilppu has also worked in the animation industry for 18 years as a layout, storyboard and presentation artist. His drawing manual and video tapes are being used worldwide as course materials for animation students.

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