It's Show Time! The Fall TV Preview
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Rocket Power. © Nickelodeon.
Little Bill. © Nickelodeon.

The numero uno cable station for kids adds two new animated shows to its lineup this fall, Rocket Power (premiered on August 16) and Little Bill (premieres on November 28). Set in a generic Southern California beach community, Rocket Power follows the trail of four kids looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush (that is, without the aid of chemical substances). Whether riding the ultimate wave, ramp or slope, the gang learns by taking risks, experiencing failure and sticking together through it all. Reflecting the signs of our times, this cartoon (like many others) has a single parent in it, but uniquely enough, this time the single-parent is a dad.

On the other end of the Nick spectrum is Little Bill, based on a series of children's books by Bill Cosby. Following the adventures of an inquisitive five-year-old boy as he discovers the world, Little Bill features the voices of Gregory Hines, Phylicia Rashad, Ruby Dee and Madeline Kahn.

MTV Downtown, which premiered in August, will continue to air through the fall, as will Daria, albeit without any new episodes. What is worthy of excitement is the October 7 season premiere of Celebrity Deathmatch, the show where clay-animated celebrities beat the living daylights out of each other. Some of the scheduled fantasy bouts this season include Fabio vs. Bono vs. Yoko Ono, Alex Trebek vs. Pat Sajak, Sean Connery vs. Roger Moore, Gandhi vs. Genghis Khan, The Three Stooges vs. The Three Tenors, Dennis Franz vs. Sammo Hung, Cameron Diaz vs. Meryl Streep, and Benito Mussolini vs. Roberto Benigni.

Amid Amidi's most recent accomplishment is not printable because of its rather graphic nature. However, he is pleased to reveal his... screen credit on John Kricfalusi's Yogi Bear special. Additionally, he is the publisher of the fashionable animation 'zine, Animation Blast, and the former associate editor of Animation World Magazine. He is currently working on a coffee table book about the personal lives of animation artists, even though he doesn't like coffee tables.

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