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compiled by Dan Sarto

Animation World Network has a myriad of different sections that will help students, animation enthusiasts, researchers and people involved in animation who either want to shift careers or are interested in learning more about specific aspects of the business and art.

AWN's online Animation School Database is the Internet's most sophisticated animation school reference system, providing detailed information on over 400 schools and educational programs around the world. You can quickly and easily search through schools by their name, location, program type, and degrees offered. AWN's Animation School Database is an excellent resource from which to investigate the schools and training programs that are right for you. You can find the online database at:

The Winter '99 Animation School Directory is AWN's printed companion to the online database. You can purchase the Deluxe Edition, which includes an interview with Academy Award winning animator Nick Park, as well as other helpful articles and references, or download the free standard edition, at the following location:

We have recently added a new section to the site called the Student Corner, which provides a fast, easy to navigate catalog and search mechanism for interesting and informative links across the entire AWN site. The Student Corner features indexed links to hundreds of interviews, feature articles, reviews, video clips, hot sites, and more! Bookmark this location as the place to go to navigate on AWN. You can find the Student Corner at the following location:

Of course, every month we offer a new issue of Animation World Magazine. Published in two editions every month since the April, 1996 launch, Animation World Magazine is the foremost publication in the industry. Our past issue archives provide quick access to both the HTML and Adobe Acrobat editions of every magazine we've published. You can find the archives at the bottom of the magazine's home page at the following location:

You should also remember that there are daily news updates on our home page. Our Headline News section gives you immediate access to all the top stories every day. Find out about the latest animated films, television shows, commercials, people on the go, important events, studio dealings, and much more. To make sure you don't miss any important industry news, you can sign up to receive the Animation Flash email newsletter. For a nominal subscription fee receive 52 issues, which includes all of the news we publish, delivered conveniently to your email address of choice. By reading the Flash, you'll learn to recognize key companies and players in the industry, which will in turn help you break in. In addition, the Spotlight is a free email newsletter that will keep you updated with what's happening on AWN. The week's news headlines, additions to the site, job postings and announcements are only a few of the tidbits included.

AWN's Headline News can be found at the following location:

Find out more about the Animation Flash at the following location:

Subscribe to the free AWN Spotlight newsletter at:

One shouldn't overlook the Animation Village either. Want to know how much animators get paid? Visit the MPSC Union Local 839 site. Want to find animators in your region? Check out ASIFA-International's site to locate a chapter near you. The links to different animation companies and organizations in this section offer a peak at a wide range of animation activities. The Animation Village can be found at the following location:

Other great places to visit are the AWN Forums. Have questions? Want to find out who did that crazy cartoon you saw the other night? Want to speak to other fans and professionals? Jump into a Forum and join the fray. The main forum page can be found at the following location:

The Calendar of Events is another useful spot to visit on AWN. Here you can find out about events happening all over the world. Check it out. An animation festival, convention or helpful class might be happening in a town near you. The Calendar of Events can be found at the following location:

Finally, when you are ready to present your resume to the world remember you can post it in Career Connections for free. AWN's Career Connections helps put professionals together with the companies that are looking for talent. With job postings and a sophisticated "Talent Pool" resume database, Career Connections is the place where animation professionals go to "find and be found." We constantly hear from folks who have posted their information and received bites and leads as a result.

No matter what your level or goals are, there is something on AWN to help you get to where you are going. We at AWN encourage you to settle in and begin digging. There is a lot of information here with more being added every day.

Dan Sarto is co-publisher of Animation World Network.

Note: Readers may contact any Animation World Magazine contributor by sending an e-mail to

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