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The Animated Side of Star Wars: An Interview With Rob Coleman, The Film's Animation Director
Karl Cohen interviews Rob Coleman, the animation director behind all those amazing digital characters in Star Wars: Episode I "The Phantom Menace."

Creating Computer Animation at Home

Whether you are a student creating reel, a professional who wants to live a life of freelance, or a director of short films, computer animation at home is possible and affordable. Mike Amron explains.

Lean, Mean Fighting Machine: How Brad Bird Made The Iron Giant
Brad Bird's The Iron Giant is turning out to be the surprise success of the summer, both artisistically and with audiences. Bob Miller interviews Brad and finds out how he has put Warner Feature Animation back on the map.


Dinosaurs Never See It Coming: Are the Gatekeepers Clueless?
Buzz Potamkin introduces us to disintermediation, the process of squeezing out the middleman, and asks how much longer will the Internet be classified as "new" media before it becomes "the" media.

How to Animate the Web
If you want to post animations on the Internet then you need to become familiar with Macromedia Flash. Here Tom Calthrop does the introductions in a very useful "how to."

Leading the Animated Internet
AtomFilms, Humongous Entertainment & Cavedog Entertainment, Headbone Interactive and Cartoon Network Online fill us in on what they are currently doing on the Internet, what the future will bring and how they are making it all financially viable.


The Big Apple's Silicon Alley
Lee Dannacher profiles four of New York City's leading Internet animation companies: Funny Garbage, Visionary Media, togglethis and Electronic Hollywood.


The Lost Studio Of Romer Grey
Ever heard of Romer Grey and his lost studio? You probably haven't. Michael Mallory tells the story and the significance.


Vilppu Drawing Online: Seeing Anatomical Masses
Renowned drawing instructor Glenn Vilppu offers the eigth installment in his bi-monthly Animation World Magazine online drawing course.

All That AWN Offers...
Dan Sarto, co-publisher of Animation World Network, takes us on a tour of all the different facets of AWN and discusses what each offers students and professionals.


The Quickdraw Animation Society Celebrates 15 Years
The features of the Quickdraw Animation Society (QAS), a non-profit, artist-run, film production co-op located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, are discussed by long time member Don Filipchuk.


The SIGGRAPH `99 Exhibition: Summer Of Sim
Hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of folks will descend upon Los Angeles' South Hall for The Show. The SIGGRAPH Exhibition's booths are one of the main reasons to attend. Eric Huelsman provides a list of who's who.

I Screen, You Screen, We All Screen: Animation at SIGGRAPH `99
Kellie-Bea Cooper tells us where and when the latest and greatest films will be screened at SIGGRAPH. From the Art Gallery|technOasis, to the Electronic Theater, to the Animation Screening Rooms and Animation Theaters, make sure you don't miss one computer generated frame.

The Story of Computer Graphics Set to Open SIGGRAPH
SIGGRAPH's new 93-minute documentary, The Story of Computer Graphics, covers the 45-year history of computer graphics and includes interviews with over fifty industry pioneers. Maureen Furniss gives us a sneak peak.

But Wait! There's More at SIGGRAPH `99
Jennifer Champagne takes us into other venues like papers, panels, Millenium Motels and more to discover what other animated highlights SIGGRAPH `99 has to offer.


Playing Games With Blue
Nick Jr.'s dog Blue has taken pre-schoolers, and their parents, by storm. Judith Cockman reviews three Blue's Clues CD-Rom interactive games: ABC Time Activities, Blue's Birthday Adventure and Blue's 1,2,3 Time Activities.


Animation World News
Film Roman Signs Licensing Agreement With MSH, DreamWorks Pulls Out Of Studio Deal, Disney And Katzenberg Settle Suit, Touchstone TV Merges With ABC, Cartoon Network Forms Cartoon Network Studios, and much more.

On A Desert Island With. . . . CGI Folks
Claire Armstrong, Tim Harrington, Victoria Livingstone.


Plympton's Pundits by Bill Plympton

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