Television and Voice Acting,
September 1999

It's fall and that means new TV! Amid Amidi will tell us about the newest shows hitting the air. Bob Miller interviews John R. Dilworth about Stretch Films growing from a small independent studio to producing Courage the Cowardly Dog for Cartoon Network. Sharon Schatz is going to give us insight into the world of Interactive Television. Interactive television has been available around the globe for years, but it has only just come to the United States. We will also have a lot in store regarding Voice Acting. In addition to providing a list of voice agents, we will also have a survey of current industry insiders' do's and don'ts for aspiring voice actors. We will also feature an article on voice directing and timing for those of you out there putting together your own films.

In September we are also going to feature a very special tribute to Clare Kitson, the woman behind Channel 4's wealth of animated programming which has helped propel the U.K. to be one of the greatest animation nations. Irene Kotlarz will also contribute a historical look at Channel 4 and its role in the U.K. animation industry. Other highlights will include event reviews of computer animation's biggest party SIGGRAPH and San Diego's Comic Con. Max Sims is also going to review the latest version of Commotion software.

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