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Editor's Notebook
How adult is animation really getting?



Draw What You Want To Draw
With surprising results, Ralph Bakshi sets the record straight as to what he considers adult animation and his place within the genre.

The Age of Prime Time Animation
Every network on TV seems to have a prime time cartoon these days. Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman explores some of the causative factors behind this rush to the evening tube.

Werner III -- A Movie Triple or a German Culture Study?
Thomas Korn takes a look at the German comic book character that has become a cultural phenomenon and a winning business venture.

Animation: Adults May Not Be Unwelcome
As a result of Cedric Littardi's first Animation World article about AnimeLand's prosecution, letters of support flooded in. Now Cedric talks about the trial's results, the issues discussed and the mixed outcome.


Those Dirty Little Comics
Art Spiegelman takes us into the world of the Tijuana Bibles, little hand-drawn pornographic pamphlets that provide a subversive peak at America from the 1930s-1950s.

Comics to Animation: What's Coming?
Which of your favorite comics are coming to a big or small screen near you? Gerard Raiti fills us in on the upcoming comics to animation projects.

Turning Mangas Into Wine Sales
A California winery is experiencing a boom in Japanese sales...why? Because one hot shot manga character chose to drink their Pinot Noir.


Script Formatting for Animation
Want a professional looking script and don't know where to start? Paul T. Abramson and David D. Williamson offer us the formatting basics of what makes a good "reading" script.


Raymond Scott: Accidental Music For Animated Mayhem
We've all heard his unmistakable tunes time and time again in our favorite 'toons, but who is the man behind the music? Irwin Chusid portrays maestro Raymond Scott.


Annecy's 1999 MIFA: Business is Good, But Changing...
Annecy's MIFA is becoming a key event for the European animation industry. Insider Christian Davin explains why.

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival '99
Don Duga relates his Annecy experience where he met filmmakers, attended screenings and was part of an international dialogue between animation instructors and ASIFA board members. Includes a Quicktime clip of When the Day Breaks.

VES '99: A Visual Effects Smorgasbord
The Visual Effects Society put on its first festival and with such guests as Dennis Muren, Robert Abel and Ken Ralston how could it have been anything less than a resounding success? Eric Huelsman reports.

Buy Product! L!censing '99
L!censing '99 was packed again this year, filled with animated product. Mike Lyons relays what this $132 billion industry holds in store for us.

Learning from Licensing -- What Sells
Attending New York's Licensing show can be like looking into a crystal ball. Eric Lurio relates what he's learned on detecting the winners and the losers...


Disney's Tarzan: A State of the Art Thrill Ride
Jerry Beck reviews Disney¹s latest, Tarzan, a film that follows the familiar genre but adds a few new tricks and a masterful grasp of animation techniques and innovations.


Pierre Lambert Is Back, This Time With Mickey
Charles Solomon r eviews Pierre Lambert¹s latest book, Mickey Mouse, which, with its stunning art work, deserves a place on any Disney fan¹s coffee table.

3D CGI Comes Aboard Nova's Ark
Sharon Schatz describes David Kirk's latest book, Nova's Ark, which was illustrated using both the artist's own paintings and CGI.


Animation World News
Disney Owes Katzenberg, New Studio Opens In India, Oxygen Signs With Mediaone, Warner Unites Feature And TV Animation Divisions, Women In Animation Names Jan Nagel Interim President and much more.

On A Desert Island With. . . . Comic Book Guys?
This month: Brösel, Gregory Noveck, and Robinson Crusoe.


Plympton's Pundits by Bill Plympton

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Werner, a character who originated in comic books by Brösel (Rötger Feldmann), will soon be appearing in his third animated feature, Volles Rohr. © Brösel/Achterbahn AG.

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