Adult Animation and Comic Books, July 1999

In July Animation World Magazine is going to look at the new wave of animation intended for an adult audience. Thomas Korn is going to profile Germany's Werner feature film phenomena. Read all about this risqué and popular series of films. Cedric Littardi, publisher of France's AnimeLand magazine, is going to discuss the results of his trial. What did the French court decide after improperly accusing him of supplying improper material to children? Gerard Raiti is going to discuss the comic book properties currently in development for animated fare and we are also going to take a look at a forgotten piece of American history, the Tijuana Bibles. These racy comic strips from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s shed quite a light on the popular culture of the times!

We are also going to kick off a series which will run through the end of the year and highlight Fantasia 2000. We will look forward to the new Fantasia and remember the classic by interviewing directors and artists, analyzing individual sequences and going inside the production process.

In other columns Irwin Chusid will profile the Raymond Scott Archives, a treasure trove of animated tunes. We are also going to take a look at VES `99: A Festival of Visual Effects. We will be relaying presentations from Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Rob Coleman, ILM's Animation Supervisor, and NASA and Digital Domain. Annecy, of course, will be covered with a festival report by Don Duga and a market update from Alphanim's Christian Davin, who is also President of the SPFA. We will also report from L!censing `99 in New York City. Disney's latest summer hit, Tarzan, will be reviewed and so will a selection of commercials and short films by Maureen Furniss. Charles Solomon will look at Pierre Lambert's latest masterpiece, Mickey Mouse. Published in French and English, this book, like Lambert's Pinocchio, features the highest quality artwork. Sharon Schatz will profile Nova's Ark, a children's book destined for animation development -- its illustrations were done using CGI! And for those of you working on your own websites, don't miss John Parazette-Tillar's review of Adobe's GoLive and Image Ready.

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