May 1999 Vol. 4, No. 2

Independent Animation

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Editor's Notebook
Frustrations abound!



The Vague Rumor of Independence in New York Animation
Steven Dovas and John Schnall met in a dank Times Square bar one evening in late February to talk about the business of animation and ponder the definition of independent animation filmmaking. This article includes QuickTime Movie clips!

Striking A Compromise: Studio Supported Independent Films
Maureen Furniss looks at the growing number of studio supported `independent' films and reveals what the corporate side of the equation is gleaning. This article includes QuickTime Movie clips!

What Price, Independence?
Paul Fierlinger talks to David Kilmer about his amazing life as a Czech growing up in America during World War II and then as an American living in Czechoslovakia during the Cold War. He also discusses life as an independent animator with all of its ups and downs.

Supporting Independents: Five Champions
Harvey Deneroff profiles five individuals who continue to promote independent animation filmmakers at a time when support for their filmmaking is disappearing.

Winners and Losers
Mike Smith discusses his opinions on how value is placed on animation whether by studio executives, festival judges or awards, and how chronic mismanagement and ignorance hold the art form back from what artists are capable of creating and audiences accepting.


Shifting the Paradigm: Charles Zembillas' Animation Nation
On April 1, 1999, Charles Zembillas held a meeting bringing over 200 animation professionals together to discuss their rights, Union and industry. Who is this man? What are his goals? And what is this movement really all about?

The Great Alliance Report
Mark Kausler describes his impression of Animation Nation's first meeting and discusses why from a historical standpoint this movement is necessary and critical now.

Will Supply Exceed the Demand?

Recruiters and educators respond to the possibility of there being too many qualified graduating students and not enough jobs. Are we heading for A Grapes of Wrath -type of situation? Heather Kenyon finds out.


Watch Out Disney! Spider-Man Is Coming to Orlando
Universal is making a multi-million dollar bid in Disney's town with Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. Joseph Szadkowski goes behind the scenes for a sneak peak at The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man attraction.

Bringing Spidey to Life: The Kleiser-Walczak Construction Company
Jeff Kleiser and Diana Walczak talk about how they took on the challenges of bringing Spider-Man to life in the brand-new ride-film The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man.

Big Bill Littlejohn
On the eve of a prestigious tribute to Bill Littlejohn by the UCLA Animation Workshop, legendary voice actress June Foray writes her own fond memories of a close friend and colleague.


Jules Engel: The Mentor
Janeann Dill interviews Cal Arts' Founding Director of the Experimental Animation program, Jules Engel, about the tricky business of teaching experimental animation.


A Silent Treasure Chest
Andrew Osmond interviews David Wyatt, a British film collector who is responsible for returning two "lost" Disney cartoons to the light of day.


The Concerns of Europe from MIPTV
Paco Rodriguez reports from MIPTV in Cannes and relates a number of issues currently facing the European animation community.

Preview: Annecy Goes High Tech With New Technology Conferences
Annick Teninge interviews Georges Lacroix about the New Technology Conferences taking place in Annecy this June. The second time event holds lofty goals... Available in French and English.


Kirikou and the Sorceress
Philippe Moins reviews Michel Ocelot's first feature film -- Kirikou and the Sorceress. Despite the trials and tribulations, it is a charming success. Available in French and English.


Keeping Hope Alive: The Animation Book
Newly revised and updated with an emphasis on digital technologies, Kit Laybourne's classic, The Animation Book, is reviewed by Tom Sito.

Animation 101: A Mixed Lesson
Bob Miller reviews animator and educator Ernest Pintoff's new book, Animation 101, that includes many essays from top industry leaders and some mixed advice.

Inside Lightwave 3D Won't Disappoint
Darris Dobbs reviews the book, Inside Lightwave 3D, a comprehensive guide to this powerful computer animation program.


Macromedia's Latest: Making the Web Easy...
Jeff Williams reviews Macromedia's Dreamweaver/Fireworks Studio and tells us about the latest in web designing tools with the release of Dreamweaver 2 and Fireworks 2.


Animation World News
Harvey Posts Losses, Disney May Convert Internet Holdings, Cinar Approved For Stock Listings, Motion Factory Receives Funding, C-3D Digital Acquires Strata, Loop Filmworks Opens Up Shop, Neurone Rescues Fantome, Marvel Gains Credit, Silicon Graphics Changes Name To SGI, and much more.

On A Desert Island With. . . . Three Men and a Lady

Cal Arts' William Moritz; Maureen Furniss, author of Art in Motion; and independent filmmakers, Steven Dovas and John Schnall.


Plympton's Pundits by Bill Plympton

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Call Me Fishmael, a short film by Steven Dovas, is featured this month in The Vague Rumor of Independence in New York Animation. © Steven Dovas.

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