Visual Effects and Commercials,
June 1999

Our June issue is going to be a real crowd pleaser. We are going to focus on the worlds of Visual Effects and Commercials -- two worlds that frequently merge these days!

Paul Younghusband, editor of Visual Magic Magazine, is going to treat us to a preview of the summer visual effects blockbusters. William Moritz is also going to interview visual effects pioneer Con Pederson, who, among other feats, worked side by side with Stanley Kubrick on 2001. William Moritz and Barbel Neubauer are also preparing a special treat for us as they study how sound influences the effect of images. This article will include original animation by Barbel Neubauer! What a treat! Valerie Hamon-Rivoallon is going to profile for us France's hottest special effects and commercial companies. We are also going to have an article on the basic workings of the commercial world by West Hollywood-based visual effects commercial house Ring of Fire. Plus, we are going to survey leaders of top ad agencies and discuss how the introduction of visual effects has changed the advertising world.

In other coverage, we will have Glenn Vilppu continue his on-line life drawing course. Philippe Moins is going to visit the Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée, a comic strip lovers dream. If you are in Belgium, this is a sure fire stop. Our event reviews will focus on Cartoons on the Bay. Plus we will also review MouseWorks, Disney's flash back to the past, and Ed, Edd n Eddy. Book reviews will focus on The Hollywood Cartoons, Mike Barrier's long awaited book, Saturday Morning Fever, and Understanding Animation.

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