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Chicago International Children's Film Festival. The Chicago International Children's Film Festival is now accepting entries for the 16th annual Festival, October 14-24, 1999. The CICFF is the largest competitive festival of children's films and videos in North America, programming over 150 of the world's best live action and animated features and shorts, created for children ages 6-13. Entries must have a production copyright date of 1997 or later, and be dubbed in English. Deadline for submission of entry forms and preview tapes on NTSC or PAL cassettes is May 28, 1999. For more information contact Rebeckah Cowing, Director, The Chicago International Children's Film Festival, Facets Multi-Media, 1517 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, IL 60614, USA. TEL: (773) 281-9075; FAX: (773) 929-5437; e-mail:

New York Digital Salon. The deadline for submissions for the 7th Annual New York Digital Salon was May 1, 1999. This is a competition for works of art and scholarship involving digital culture. The competition consists of a gallery exhibition of prints, sculpture, CD-ROMs, and interactive installations; animation/digital video screenings; websites/internet-works; and a catalog of original essays on digital culture. For further information contact Kirsten Solberg, Director of the Digital Salon and Director of Operations for the MFA Computer Art Department at The School of Visual Arts, at (212) 592-2535 or by fax at (212) 592-2509; or e-mail: Visit as well!

Film Roman Fine Arts Competition. Film Roman/Level 13 Entertainment and the prestigious Rico Gallery are holding the first ever Film Roman Fine Arts Competition. Entries are welcome from artists/animators of all ages in any medium including drawings, sculptures, paintings and ceramics. A panel of judges from the television, film and art communities will select the 40 most creative and original works to be showcased at the Rico Gallery for two months starting in June 1999. The Rico Gallery is a prestigious Los Angeles gallery, and has previously featured "Gone," an exhibition of Blotter Acid Art from artists like Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Stanley Mouse, Alex Grey. For information on submitting materials, please contact:
Julie Rico
Rico Gallery
208 Pier Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 399-5353 Phone
(310) 399-3534 Fax

Teletoon Scholarship Award. Teletoon, Canada's all-animation channel, is holding its second annual Animation Scholarship Award Competition, recognizing the efforts and financial needs of young Canadian art students. A total of C$29,000 will be divided between 10 talented students with the prize amounts ranging from $1,500 to $5,000. The scholarship is separated into three categories: Entrance Scholarship (for high school students moving on to an animation program), Continuing Education Scholarship (for students pursuing their animation studies) and Most Promising Student Scholarship (for students graduating from an animation program); in addition to a Grand Prize for one student whose overall commitment, creativity and passion for animation is exemplary. The submitted portfolios and reels will be judged by an advisory committee comprised of Canadian animation educators and industry professionals. The submission deadline is 5 pm, Friday, May 14th. Canadian animation instructors can e-mail for additional information or to obtain an entry form and regulations.

Fox TV Wants Your Cartoons. Two shows on the FOX US network, Outrageous TV and The Late Night Show, are looking for funny, sick, strange, stupid, twisted, bizarre or outrageous animation, skits, shorts, films, etc. BETA SP copies are preferred, but VHS or Hi-8 copies are acceptable. Send copies of your best stuff as soon as possible to: Bob Stagnaro, c/o Brad Lachman Productions, 4450 Lakeside Dr. Suite 280, Burbank, CA 91505; USA. Tel. (818) 954 0473; or Fax (818) 954-0574.

The New York Festivals Call For Entries. The deadline for The New York Festivals is June 1, 1999. The New York Festivals is a competition devoted to the recognition of excellence in Interactive Multimedia. The competition categories consist of Interactive Multimedia Productions, TV and Cinema Advertising, Public Service Announcements, TV Programs, Radio Programming, Print and Radio Advertising, Non-Broadcast Film & Video Productions, The Global Awards for Healthcare Communications, and AME International Awards (Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness). For further information contact The New York Festivals, 186 5th Ave., 7th Floor, New York, NY 10010, USA. TEL: 1-914-238-4481; or FAX: 1-914-238-5040; or e-mail:; also visit for more information.

Fantoche Is Back. The 3rd edition of Switzerland's largest Animation Film Festival Fantoche will be held from August 31 to September 5, 1999. Deadline for the "International Competition" is June 15. Registration forms will soon be available from the festival office or directly from the website at For further information as well as details about the supporting members association and oportunities for advertising and sponsoring, please contact the festival office:

Ottikerstr. 53
CH - 8006 Zürich
Tel.: ++41 (0)1 361 41 51
Fax: ++41 (0)1 364 03 71

Makin' Wookiee. D.FILM and The New Venue in association with Atom Films and Evan's Star Wars Cinema present a new online Star Wars-inspired filmmaking contest. To enter, send in a short script for a Star Wars spoof. Short means very short - a story that can be told in two minutes or less. A panel of celebrity judges (headed by a prominent member of the original Trilogy cast) will review the scripts. At the end of April, the judges will select a script, and hand it over to a team of innovative digital filmmakers, including Jason Wishnow of Tatooine Or Bust and The New Venue, Evan Mather of Quentin Tarantino's Star Wars, and others. These filmmakers will use your script to create moving pictures, sound, special effects, i.e. the whole works. You will get a writing credit, a cameo appearance, and an early place in the history of made-for-Internet movies. The premiere will be online, May 28th - one week after the release of Episode 1. The deadline for entry is April 30th. For more information visit; or

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