January 1999,
The Year in Review -- The Year to Come

For January, Animation World Magazine will take a look at the most important events and trends of 1998 and discuss how these events will influence the year to come. Evan Backes will talk about the busy, quickly evolving world of feature films and Michael Swanigan will take on the highs and lows of television. The trends of the animated television commercial realm will be related by Chuck McBride, while Eric Huelsman will report on the state of both the artistic and business sides of computer generated animation. Irene Kotlarz will recount the history of animation festivals and ASIFA, and how this relationship is changing for a new age. The status of independent filmmakers will be described by oTTo Alder. Pamela Thompson will highlight the area of education and Zahra Dowlatabadi will present an in-depth study of the current and projected job market. J.B. Kaufman will discuss the status of film preservation as we approach the millennium and our precious history continues to turn to dust. We will also survey industry leaders for their opinion on the most important events of 1998 and ask them to look into their crystal balls and predict 1999. In addition, Animation World Magazine will poll prominent filmmakers and artists about what their favorite moments of animation released in 1998 were. Included in the issue will be 1998 news milestones, top quotes and more.

Toby Bluth will review the long awaited DreamWorks spectacular, Prince of Egypt. Event reviews will include the London Effects and Animation Festival by George Cairns, and the Holland Animation Film Festival by Paul and Menno de Nooijer. Mitch Butler will relate the making of The Smell of Horror, a film that made quite a stir at SIGGRAPH '98. Barry Purves will conclude his production diary of the times and tribulations of making Gilbert and Sullivan -- The Very Models for Channel 4.

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