Feature Films and Licensing and Merchandising, November 1998

Just in time for the holiday rush of new animated feature films into theaters, Animation World Magazine focuses on this high-profile aspect of animation. We will have an interview with John Lasseter and a profile of his career, written by Michael Lyons. Brad Bird, director of Warner Bros. much-anticipated The Iron Giant, will discuss IG Macromedia developments he designed for the film. Chiara Magri will profile La Lanterna Magica, Italy's new feature film production. J.B. Kaufman is going to take a deeper, closer look at the characters in Disney's The Steeplechase. Plus, Tom Sito is going to look at The Fox and the Hounds, a landmark film as Disney's elite old-guard handed their traditions over to a new generation of animation filmmakers. Karen Raugust reveals how films are marketed differently in different countries and Jennifer Kotler discusses the impact FCC-friendly (educational) shows have on children.

Barry Purves continues his production diary with all of its drama and humor. Plus, we are lucky to have an archive profile this month from La Cinémathèque Québécoise Musee du Cinema. Animation World will also feature event reviews of the Ottawa International Animation Festival and Europe's Cartoon Forum. Loris Kramer, vice president of creative affairs for Sony Wonder, will relate her MIPCOM experience and Buzz Potamkin is going to attend and report on a new awards show and conference for advertising to children...The Golden Marbles. Finally, Mark Christiansen will review the new book Principles of 3-D Computer Animation.

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