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Business: Writers Make Prime-Time Pact With Fox, SAG Speaks For Cartoon Voices.

People: Musical Chairs: Anne Sweeney tops Disney/ABC Cable Networks, SPI hires Henry Anderson and George Joblove, Film Roman hires for Family Guy, David Silverman joins Pixar, Susan Frank joins Henson Co., Mike Judge makes Fox mega-deal, Hank Azaria gets stressed, Columbia casts Stuart Little, DreamWorks casts Shrek, and Karl Cohen Recovering.

Films: Antz To Premiere in Toronto, The Happy Princess Toon in Development, South Park Feature In Production, Fantastic Planet in Rotation.

Television: The WB is Set to Go Downtown, TV Tidbits: HBO's A Little Curious, Twentieth TV syndication is king, Cartoon Network to roll "Dragon Ball," and July Nielsen Ratings.

Commercials: Spotlight on Acme Filmworks, Passion Pictures, Curious Pictures, Flea Circus Films, Pixel Liberation Front, Radium, Quiet Man, Fablevision Studios, Viewpoint Studios, Heck Yes!

Video: Pocahontas II In A Store Near You, Black Cauldron Bubbles Up, Harvey To Turn Out 12 Pics In 3 Years.

Publications: Hot Of The Presses, Harvey Starts Publishing.

Music: Rhino Playing Space Ghost & Scooby, Quick Bytes.

Education: Craig Scholarship Gets Matching Donor, Beware! Employment Scam, R&H Scholarship Awarded, Animation Program Opens In Ottawa, MOMI Animators Scheme Deadline.

Call for Entries: "Queer" Animation Wanted, SPIFF'S Second Run, Leipzig, Ideas In Animation, Second Shorts Film Fest.

Events: Last Month In Animation: Anima Mundi, Society for Animation Studies Conference, UCLA Festival Of Preservation, Comic-Con, AnimWorld `98, Anifest `98, Hiroshima Anime North and more...

Awards: Gemini Noms, AICP Honors Animation, Emmy Noms, Anima Mundi Winners.

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