Independent Filmmakers and Commercials, October 1998

This month we are going around the world as we look at independent filmmakers. Rada Sesic is going to discuss the animation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while Andrea Martignoni will take a look at current Italian independent filmmakers. Philippe Moins is profiling South African animator William Kentridge. Plus, Marie Beardmore will examine the current market for independents. On the Commercials side of the issue, Karen Raugust is going to take a look at the popular animated frogs and wise-cracking lizards of Anheuser-Busch's successful advertising campaign for "Bud-weis-er" beer. We are also going to hear from directors who explain why they enjoy being both independent filmmakers and commercial directors.

Barry Purves will grace us with yet another production diary and Glenn Vilppu will shed a little more light on life drawing. The 7th Hiroshima International Animation Festival and the Beijing Expo, along with the Society for Animation Studies' recent pow-wow, will all be reviewed. In addition, Jerry Beck will review Dave Wasson's new Oh Yeah! Cartoons! short, Max and His Special Problem.

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