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Edmundo Barreiros is a journalist born and based in Rio de Janeiro. He writes about animation, comics and pop music for major newspapers and magazines in Brazil. He has been the text editor of the Anima Mundi catalogue since 1997. Most importantly, he looks much better in person than in the funny portraits he sends to Animation World Magazine.

Ged Bauer is the former webmaster of Animation World Network.

Russell Bekins is a disgruntled expatriate of the film industry, now living in Bologna, Italy. Serving his apprenticeship as story and multimedia analyst for Creative Artists Agency, he went on to be a creative executive for Tidewater Entertainment at Disney Studios, where he achieved his level of incompetence in studio politics. He is now working on theme park attractions and consulting on multi-media projects, as well as struggling with the subjunctive tense in Italian.

Joseph K. Bevilacqua, a protege of Daws Butler (the voice of Yogi Bear), is a veteran radio comedy writer, producer, actor, as well as cartoonist. His programs have aired on public radio stations nationwide since 1980 and have been honored by The Museum of Television and Radio as part of their "Contemporary Radio Humor" exhibits. He is currently developing animation scripts with his wife and creative partner, Lorie B. Kellogg. Their comedy can be heard in RealAudio and seen in comic strips on their web site, "Joe & Lorie's Comedy-O-Rama."

Debra K. Chinn is director of Fox International Theatrical Dubbing at 20th Century Fox Film Corporation and handles all international live-action and animation theatrical releases.

Bill Fleming is president of Komodo Studio, a 3D studio specializing in photorealism. He is the author of many 3D books, including the 3D Photorealism Toolkit, published by John Wiley & Sons. He also serves as editor in chief of Serious 3D magazine, a 3D magazine featuring nothing but intermediate/advanced tutorials for artists interested in taking their 3D graphics to the next level.

Wendy Jackson is associate editor of Animation World Magazine.

Heather Kenyon is editor-in-chief of Animation World Magazine.

Mike Lyons is a Long Island-based freelance writer, who has written over 100 articles on film and animation. His work has appeared in Cinefantastique, Animato! and The Disney Magazine.

Katie Mason was an editorial assistant at Animation World Magazine. A longtime animation reader and fan, she watches cartoons each Saturday morning and is currently studying toward her university degree.

Craig Miller is chairman of the WGA's Animation Writers Caucus. Miller has been an animation writer for over a decade. Along with his partner, Marv Wolfman, he created the series Pocket Dragon Adventures and served as executive producer, story editor and, of course, wrote many episodes of the series.

William Moritz teaches film and animation history at the California Institute of the Arts.

Bärbel Neubauer is an independent filmmaker based in München, Germany.

Pete Nicholls has been collecting comic books and watching cartoons since the early Seventies. Since then, he has written cartoons for Hanna-Barbera and has an animated kids series in development at Wild Brain Studios.

Barry Purves is a Manchester-based filmmaker. Through his production company, Bare Boards Productions, he has directed several stop-motion animated films and commercials, including Next, Screen Play, Rigoletto and Achilles.

Lesli Rynyk recently graduated from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada earning her Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES). This project was part of her Senior Honours Thesis combining her interests in media arts and the environment.

Dan Sarto is an accomplished "hack" technologist and co-publisher of AWN.

Note: Readers may contact any Animation World Magazine contributor by sending an e-mail to

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