Animation World Magazine, Issue 3.3, June 1998


Tilde, a motion-capture animated
character created by Medialab Studio
L.A. for ZDTV.
Image courtesy of Medialab.

Tools of The Trade. Medialab Studio L.A.
created two 3-D performance animation characters for ZDTV, a new cable network about computers launched last month. Medialab provided their CLOVIS technology and performer/technician training for San Francisco-based ZDTV, which will use the characters ("Dash" and "Tilde") as spokespersons and segment hosts for both live and taped programming. . . . San Francisco-based studio Protozoa used its motion-capture system, Alive!, to help create the Virtual Ed Sullivan Show which aired on UPN on May 18. Protozoa used the same technology to create "Virtual Bill Clinton" for MTV in January . . . . Animation Toolworks has sold 26 of its Video Lunchbox units to Portland-based Will Vinton Studios. The product will be used to record reference tests for stop-motion animation, much like a line-testing system for 2-D animation. The current issue of Animation World Magazine features <an article about the Video Lunchbox>. . . . Alias/Wavefront recently demonstrated the NT version of its next-generation 3-D animation software Maya, and its modeling component, Artisan, to artists in Hollywood. It will be available to the public in time for SIGGRAPH in July. . . Cambridge Animation will also release a Windows NT version of its Animo Ax-Cel 2-D animation software in time for SIGGRAPH. . . . Experimental dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham is following in the footsteps of the phenomenal "dancing baby" by using Kinetix's 3D Studio MAX and Character Studio software to create a multimedia performance called "Hand-Drawn Spaces," which will be shown at SIGGRAPH and subsequently in museums, on film and on the web. . . . Digimation will distribute a new 3D Studio MAX modeling plug-in called daVinci3D, developed by New Technologies, Inc. A demo of the product is currently available on the web site, The final version will be available as of June 1, for $595.00. . . . Silicon Graphics has created an in-house consulting division called Entertainment Professional Services. The division will work on the development of creative and technical solutions for the TV and film industries. . . .

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