Animation World Magazine, Issue 3.3, June 1998

Animation World News

by Wendy Jackson

Business: FOX Expands Family Affair, Paragon: Going, Gone?, Sony Wonder To Acquire Sunbow.

People: Musical Chairs.

Films: Film Roman Gets First Look At Mischel, Elton John's "Just-So" With Disney, MGM, Cosby To Tell "Noah" Tale, Quest For Camelot., SIGGRAPH Documenting CGI History.

Television: TV Tidbits, Nick & CTW Launch New Cable Net, Henson & Hallmark To Launch Kermit Channel, Bohbot Gets Into Production, Boop Is Back!, South Park-ed on Com Central Til 2000, Kids Upfront Update, Cartoon Net Ties Up `98 Tie-Ins.

Commercials: Spotlight on Acme Filmworks, Computer Café, Manhattan Transfer, The Attik, J.J. Sedelmaier Productions, Tape House Digital, Curious Pictures, The Story Companies.

Home Video: MGM Gets Funds For New Features, Anastasia Stages Royal Promo.

Animation Art: Marc Davis Collecting Fans.

Books: Hot Of The Presses.

Technology: Tools of The Trade by Medialab Studio L.A., Protozoa, Animation Toolworks, Alias/Wavefront, Cambridge Animation, Kinetix, Digimation, New Technologies, Inc., Silicon Graphics.

Internet & Interactive: Quick Bytes of Digital Planet , Mad Morgan Galleries, Stan Lee, Knowledge Adventure, Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, Tiburon Entertainment, The Motion Syndicate, Activision, Jaleco, Acclaim, Psygnosis, Cavedog Entertainment, The Learning Company.

Call for Entries: Cinanima 98, Golden Marble, Anyone?, LEAF.

Events: Canadian Anime Expo, Animation At Cannes, Last Month In Animation.

Awards: Cartoonist Awards, Ankara, Final Emmy Winners, Clios.

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