Animation World Magazine, Issue 3.3, June 1998

Thanks to Manga
Wow! Thanks for writing such a glowing review of our film Beat the Meatles  (Segall 3.2). This is especially gratifying to me because Spike passed on the film for his festival. I e-mailed him the review. I love doing that to him. Thanks for giving me the ammo.

Keith Alcorn
DNA Productions, Inc.

It's Our Birthday!
Happy 2nd birthday -- you guys are cool!

Mike Dietz
The Neverhood/Mike Dietz Studios

More Birthday Congratulations
Two years old. That went fast. Hope you're celebrating! There's nothing on the Web that can come close to what you're doing...and unlike the print publications, I can count on each issue arriving on time! Keep up the good work. Like everything else in animation (including training!), quality means longevity.

Don Perro, Coordinator
Commercial Animation Program
Capilano College

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