Animation World Magazine, Issue 3.3, June 1998

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Quick Bytes. Digital Planet created a Flash animation series called Super Postal Workers for The U.S. Postal Service web site ( The monthly series features six installments. Digital Planet also has a content license agreement with Macromedia to create games for the web site, ShockRave ( using Flash2 software. Digital Planet's Fire in the Hood is one of 45 games created for ShockRave . . . . Mad Morgan Galleries is showcasing and selling animation art from Jack Kirby and Ruby-Spears animated properties such as Micromites and Gargoids.. . . . Comic legend Stan Lee now has his own web site in The Marvel Zone, at . . . Knowledge Adventure, a division of Cendant Software, released Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child Activity Center, a CD-Rom game based on the HBO animated series and Quest for Camelot Dragon Games concurrently with the release of the Warner Bros. animated feature last month. Both titles are part of Knowledge Adventure's "Play Zone!" series of games for Windows and Macintosh platforms. . . . Disney Interactive will release Disney's Mulan Animated Storybook on June 16, the day that the new animated feature Mulan opens in U.S. theaters. . . . Electronic Arts has acquired Tiburon Entertainment, producer of sports games for various platforms. . . . Santa Monica, California-based animation and special effects studio, The Motion Syndicate created the animated ending movie (FMV) for the Namco/PlayStation game, Tekken 3, which was released on April 28. . . . Activision has released Interstate 82, the sequel to its popular 3-D animated racing game, Interstate 76. Activision also recently made agreements to publish games created by Engineering Animation, Inc. (EAI), Presto Studios and Sony Music Entertainment. . . . . Jaleco released a PlayStation game based on the animated series, Speed Racer.. . . . Acclaim released Batman & Robin, an animated action game for PlayStation. . . . Psygnosis has released Shadow Master, an action shooter game for PC CD-Rom and Rascal for PlayStation. Rascal features a character designed by Jim Henson's Creature Shop in London . . . . Cavedog Entertainment released Total Annihilation: The Core Contingency for Windows. . . . The Learning Company released Reader Rabbit's 2nd Grade, an educational CD-Rom game for Macintosh and Windows, featuring animated characters. . . .

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