Animation World Magazine, Issue 3.3, June 1998

Adult Animation and Comic Books, July 1998

Our July issue is going to feature an article by Karl Cohen on the 20 th anniversary of The Yellow Submarine. We will also include a survey on where some of the film's artists are today. Sean Murch takes a look at the growing mainstream adult animation market while Fred Patten whisks us far, far away from the masses as he investigates the U.S. anime porn market. Peter Chung discusses the differences between animation and comic books and Dennis Kitchen looks back on his years in the comic book industry and toward the future. We will also reveal what April held for Barry Purves' Channel 4 production.

New York's Museum of Modern Art will take us inside for our monthly Hidden Treasures column. Buzz Potamkin will review the charged Annecy International Film Festival and Market and Joseph Szadkowski will take us to the high-flying antics of E3. We will also review Comedy Central's new show Bob and Margaret. In addition, we will feature three book reviews. For the Love of Prague by Gene Deitch will be looked upon by his former partner's son, Adam Snyder, a film distributor. Emru Townsend will put David Kilmer's much-awaited Animated Film Guide to the test. Plus, we will finally feature a very exciting interview with Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas by Charles Solomon regarding Pierre Lambert's book Pinocchio.

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