Animation World Magazine, Issue 3.3, June 1998


Hot Of The Presses. Several new animation books have recently become available. Rockport Publishers has released Computer Animation: A Whole New World, an image-rich book highlighting computer animation design, by Women In Animation founder Rita Street. Australian publisher John Libbey has published David Kilmer's The Animated Film Collector's Guide: Worldwide Sources for Cartoons on Videotape and Laserdisc, a comprehensive resource, and Jayne Pilling's A Reader in Animation Studies. Both of these books will be reviewed in upcoming issues of Animation World Magazine and will soon be available in the U.S. through Indiana University Press, distributors of Giannalberto Bendazzi's historical volume, Cartoons: 100 Years of Cinema Animation. Other recent books include Gene Deitch's For the Love of Prague and Jan and Eva Svankmajer's Anima Animus Animation. Animation World Magazine features reviews of these books in the upcoming July and recent May 1998 issues, respectively.

Do you want to expand your animation library? This issue of Animation World Magazine features an
opinion piece on "the essential animation library" according to animation historian Jerry Beck.

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