Animation World Magazine, Issue 3.2, May 1998

Animation World News

by Wendy Jackson

Business: MSH Comes Of AGE.

People: Simpsons Voices Settle, Musical Chairs.

Places: Disney Animates Animals.

Films: Quays New Film In The Works, Spike & Mike Fest, Prince Of Egypt Making Religious Rounds, Disney, DIC Extend Live-Action Deal.

Television: Toon Disney Launch, UPN To Air Disney Block, Groening Going To Futurama, Celebrity Death Match, Kids Upfront Moved Ahead, News From MIP, DIC Pacts With PAX, TV Summit Supports Co-Production, Bohbot Syndicating Second Kids Net, CN Surveys Euro Kids, Castle May Rock In Prime Time, Dexter Plot by Devoted Tot.

Commercials: Spotlight on Acme Filmworks, The Ink Tank, Lamb & Company, Flea Circus, Curious Pictures, Manhattan Transfer, Olive Jar Studios, Manhattan Transfer, Click 3X, Sherbet, Flamdoodle Animation.

Home Video: Fox Will Play Goldman & Bluth's Banjo, South Park's On Warner Video, Fox Kids Delivers Cheap Vids.

Technology: Tools Of The Trade.

Education: Don't Know Much About History?

Call for Entries: Women's Films Wanted, Comics Conference, Chicago Kid's Fest, MTV Offering Student Rewards, The Humanitas Prize.

Events: Metamorfosi, NATPE Cancels ANIFX, 3D Design Show, Fischinger Exhibit/Sale In L.A., Cardiff's Got Vital-Ity, Last Month In Animation.

Awards: British Academy Awards, Stuttgart, AEAF, Animation Takes On Tampere.

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